The StarFisher Free Astrology Program

I am always looking for new free astrology programs, and when I found the StarFisher program for Windows PCs, I was pleasantly surprised. Most free software is quite limited in its scope, but the author of StarFisher created a program with many both basic and advanced features.

The points are calculated with the Swiss Ephemeris, the Atlas comes from the geonames database, and the time zone tables are from

You can customize the program in many ways, e.g. specify the colors of the planets, signs, aspects, elements, and screens, choose what aspects (and orbs) to use and what points to aspect, select from 14 different house systems, have different aspect sets for birth charts, transits, directions, and synastry, and point sets for birth charts, transits, and directions. You can select points from the planets, major asteroids, transplutonians, and many fixed stars.

When viewing any wheel or biwheel, if you click on a point, the screen shows you just the aspects that point makes. Neat!

The program displays midpoints, an aspectarian, a nice basic chart information screen, extended information (including Latitude, Azimuth, Altitude, Right Ascension, and Declination), Rising and Setting times, Planetary Hours and Aspect Separations.

Where the program really shines, however, is in the amazing variety of Return charts it can generate including Solar, Lunar, Phase Returns, Precession-corrected Phase Returns, semi-returns, and also fractional returns.

The transit and Secondary Progressed searches can not only look for aspects between points, but also house cusp crossings, ingresses, precession-corrected transits, entering and leaving, and indicates the speed and direction of the moving points.

The compatibility functions include a standard biwheel showing interaspects, and also Composite, Davidson, and more.

The program also has built-in interpretations for natal planets by sign, house, aspects, and degree, and for major transits and progressions.

StarFisher is a very interesting free astrology program that many will enjoy exploring.

You can learn more and get it here.

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