The transit: Uranus square Pluto

How will it affect me?

The square between transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto -- i.e. in the sky, between each other -- is a major astrological event. It symbolizes revolution, powerful changes, and new directions in both personal life and world arenas.

The last time Uranus and Pluto "met" each other during the mid-60s there was a cultural revolution that changed the world.

We are affected by this transit in three ways:

1. When it aspects planets in our own charts.

2. When it aspects planets in the charts of others who have an impact upon our lives.

3. Its effects on the world-at-large, which trickle down to us.

In order to ascertain which of the times when Uranus exactly squares Pluto will affect us (or someone close to us), we need to look primarily at the planets in the chart that are in the cardinal signs -- Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn -- at about 8 to 15 degrees. [It is important to also look at the position of the Ascendant and M.C. to see if either of them is at one of these positions.]

That's because the greatest effects will occur when these two planets conjunct, square, or oppose a planet (or angle) in the chart.

For example, if a person has a planet at 14 degrees Libra, they will feel the transformational impact of this transit in March and April 2014 (the fourth swing) and in February and March of 2015 (the sixth swing) because that those times, Uranus or Pluto will be within a degree or so of their natal planet.

So look at the table below for yourself and those close to you, and compare the positions and dates with the positions of planets in the birth chart.

The table shows the exact dates and times (for the Pacific time zone) when Uranus and Pluto exactly square each other in the sky.

It indicates the position of Uranus in the right column in the sign Aries. Pluto is at the same degree of Capricorn at those dates and times:

I suggest that you print out the table and keep it handy.


What are the effects?

The effects of this transit will, of course, vary with each person, but they can manifest on many different levels (physical, emotional, social, mental, vocational, etc.).

Primarily, each person's task is to realize that it is time to let go, and to allow change and greater awareness to occur. To face ones issues, to address the areas of life that need attention, and to allow oneself to "ride the wave" of these powerfully assisting forces.

If you "go with the flow" of transformation, by staying conscious and participating in your life's reinvention, these celestial events can be blessings, opening up your life incredibly.

However, since the demand of these cycles is for breakthroughs on many levels, the road may be bumpy at times. Don't fall into fear about that, but just take good care of yourself during these incredibly transitional times.

May you ride these waves to a glorious future!

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