The Soul's Journey

By Aderan

Every soul is learning how to live on Earth while continuing their process, while alive, of returning to Heaven. By this we mean, to keep present with God while navigating the waters of Earth.

The challenge of incarnate existence is to find the proper way to resist the Siren call of mundane activities. One cannot simply isolate oneself, after all even by oneself all of the Ego's personal distractions are present, and can become completely unbridled by isolation. Nor can one maintain a vigilance towards distraction twenty four hours a day.

No, the solution is much simpler, to keep one's attention on one's connection to Spirit enough of the time to maintain an open Heart and the proper levels of investment in one's life. This is the primary purpose of most meditations and other spiritual practices: to reduce or dissolve the over-investment in worries, yearnings, sorrows, anticipations, and other involvements of life. To keep the noise down to a very dull roar, so that the real Truth, the vertical connection, stays alive and well.

We might even say that our reactions to the obstacles and enticements life presents us with are our best teachers. They remind us of our tendency to "worship" (i.e. over-attend to) false gods. The modern life, with its incessant "buy more, try this, watch out for that" is the perfect Siren, calling us to founder in the sea of life after crashing on the rocks. Only by plugging our ears keeping our attention more vertically than horizontally directed can we find our way around and through life's shoals.

The rewards are exquisite. No only does the open-hearted soul face adversity with equanimity and wisdom, but they can fully relish, without over-absorption or over-attachment, the beauty, the majesty, and the glory of life on Earth. God permeates every atom of existence, but only those who know and breathe God in their everyday lives can experience this glory continuously.

Of course, the motive for achieving this first state of Enlightenment permanently cannot come from Ego. Lust for enlightenment is as counterproductive as any other kind of lust. No, the pursuit must be patient, surrendered, and committed. The individual must simply make it the top priority in their life to keep their heart open, their mind clear, and their investment in each aspect of life within bounds. And to "weed their garden" daily, by performing whatever dis-identification practice they're comfortable with often enough to stay clear. For example, the Sufi's mantra, "There is no god but God", allows one to both detach from what one is overvaluing and at the same time see that God is present in everything and everyone.

There is no road but this one to lead you to the Light. When one values the Light above all else, then one's life is filled with its Radiance. May your road to the Light be filled with grace.

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