Great Solar Fire Gold (version 9) Sale

Note: Solar Fire is a Windows program, and will not run on iPads or Android devices, and can only be run on Mac computers if Windows and Parallels are installed on them.

As a certified dealer of Solar Fire, I am happy to offer the best sale ever on Solar Fire. Solar Fire rarely goes on sale, and this is the lowest pricing ever. This sale will be over the first week in June 2018.

Here's a chance to get the latest version of the top-of-the-line astrology program Solar Fire Gold (also known as Solar Fire 9) at an incredibly low price of only $285.

Plus you get all of my incredible extras, including:

Over 60 beautiful Chart Art pages designed with great care by me.

And links to:

All of my tutorial videos & articles,

Both the current program manual and a much better and more detailed older manual,

All of my published reviews, detailing all of the features of Solar Fire,

My new Solar Fire Image Map showing where to find all of the program's features.


Astrolabe's full tech support (by phone & email) plus mine (by email)

To receive Solar Fire at the amazing price of only $285 via download, click on the following button:

Note: Orders placed on Fridays will be processed by Astrolabe on the following Monday. I also make sure that you receive your download link and codes by sending you a copy of them myself.

This sale will be over in 30 days.


Please understand that all sales are final. Software cannot be returned, but the company will work with you if you encounter issues installing it.

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