Solar Fire Gold Sale

With my current shelter-in-place sale, in addition to my already discounted price for the full program (below), I giving everyone an additional $15 rebate (or you can have me donate that amount to the needy).

I am a foremost certified dealer of Solar Fire and all purchases are registered with Astrolabe, the makers of Solar Fire. And I always have the best offer on Solar Fire, plus many extras not available anywhere else, including over sixty beautiful Chart Art pages.

Please visit my three websites devoted to Solar Fire 9:, The Solar Fire Information Center and all of which are packed with new information, tutorials, and more.

Important Note: Solar Fire is a Windows program (and runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11)
and will not run on iPads or Android devices, or the S version of Windows 10 or the X version of the Surface Pro
and can only be run on Mac computers if Windows and Parallels are installed on them.
Note: like most computer programs, astrology software cannot be returned for a refund.

Often asked: Solar Fire Gold and Solar Fire 9 are the same program.

I cannot process orders Solar Fire orders for UK or Australia residents.
Order for UK here and for Australia here.


Solar Fire via Download

Solar Fire 9 is now available via download! This is the best choice by far for International customers, as you won't have any large duty fees, and it is a great choice for U.S. customers too, because you get the program much faster.

For $324.00 you get the link to download the program, and also get the bonus 60+ Chart Art pages.

After you order, I post your order with Astrolabe (they are open Monday through Friday), and they email you the codes and link on the next working day (you'll get an email from .

If the PayPal screen has a company's name or your spouse or relative's account, please email me to give me your name to register the program in. Thanks!

Solar Fire with the Asteroid Add-on

Get the new Solar Fire 9 and the Asteroid Add-On -- with 10,000+ asteroids -- via download, plus the bonus 60+ Chart Art pages for only $389.00 by clicking on the following button:

Solar Fire shipped on a CD

You can order Solar Fire shipped to you -- to U.S. addresses only -- for only $324 via Priority Mail with all of my many extras too at this link:

Note: I pay your shipping fees for you.

If the PayPal screen has a company's name or your spouse or relative's account, please email me to give me your name to register the program in. Thanks!

When you order, you will receive the latest version of Solar Fire 9 complete with the full version of the embedded ACS US and World Atlas, registered in your name, sent to you directly from Astrolabe, and full program support from both Astrolabe and me.

Only by ordering Solar Fire through me
do you get all of these:

The best price

The latest version of Solar Fire

Over 60 beautiful Chart Art pages
designed specially by me

Links to all of my tutorial videos & articles,

Links to the current program manual
and a much more extensive older manual,

my published reviews detailing all of the features

The best technical support:
Astrolabe's full tech support (by phone & email)
& mine by email (usually even on weekends)

My new Solar Fire Image Map showing all of the features
and where to find them

And I ensure that you get the download link
by sending it to you directly

I just received this email: "I watched your YouTube videos - during the last week and they have helped me tremendously in designing pages and customizing the program. Your videos gave me the foundation to be able to customize absolutely everything. I'm actually going back to some old natal charts and really exercising the features and seeing things in a whole new way."

Great Bonus: Receive over 60 additional Beautiful Chart Art pages
(only by ordering through me)

I have carefully designed over 60 lovely Chart Art pages. See samples of them, and get your bonus pages, by clicking here.

One of my customers, a renowned professional astrologer, just wrote: Omigod, these are SOOO much better than the ones in SF Gold. Great work! Love the rainbow series (esp #2), the celestial ones, the large rose in the center, but probably the one I'll use most is the Stargazer! These are wonderful. Thanks!!!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Note: if you own a previous version of Solar Fire and want to upgrade to Solar Fire 9, click here.

Please understand that all sales are final. Software cannot be returned, but the company will work with you if you encounter issues installing it.

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