Sirius 2.0

(To learn all about Sirius, please also look over my reviews of previous versions here and here.)

Sirius 2.0 News!

Cosmic Patterns has released an extensive PDF listing of all of its new features, which you can get here.

It is very detailed and really worth exploring.

Sirius 2.0 First Look

1. Installation

I just received and installed Sirius 2.0. The installation was in two parts, and was a breeze! First the software has you place the CDs in the CD drive of your PC, one at a time.

After you've placed the second CD in the drive, and the program finishes installing, then it exits the installation process.

Finally, with the second CD still in the drive, you run Sirius from the icon on your desktop. That activates the program, installs any reports you own, and then copies old client files into the new folder if you have a previous version of Sirius on your PC, and then runs Sirius.

Everything went quite smoothly, including the importing of my client files.

However, Sirius did not import my previous settings (house system, logo, Zodiac), nor did it import the customized chart wheel I had designed, so I had to do these over again.

There is no other software that makes installing reports at the same time as the core program easier, and I'm delighted that it also pulled in all of my client's chart data.

2. Database

Over the years, the programmers at Cosmic Patterns have gradually improved the set of charts included in Sirius.

They have added to Sirius 2.0 the 32,000+ charts from AstroDatabank (the most complete collection of charts) to the already impressive collection of tens of thousands of charts in the program. This means that Sirius 2.0 has the largest and best database of charts in the world.

Recently, I wanted to find the chart of an obscure but important public figure, and Sirius was the only place that had it!


3. Atlas

The programs Sirius, Kepler, and Pegasus all can run a huge set of add-on reports that are available in more languages than any other astrology reports. As a result, these programs are incredibly popular internationally, and astrologers around the world contact Cosmic Patterns and alert them to the latest time changes in their countries.

As a result of the incredible diligence of David and Fei Cochrane, the founders of Cosmic Patterns, Sirius 2.0 not only has the largest internal atlas of any astrology program (about four times larger!), but also the most accurate and up-to-date.

This makes Sirius a impeccably reliable astrology program.


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