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September 1999

Upgrades in the Works

I just received the long-awaited Parashara's Light 2000. This early version is still being debugged and polished, but already has most of its new features in place and working.

The two primary enhancements to PL2000 are its new beautifully formatted chart, table, and data pages, and the much anticipated interpretation reports for birth charts, varshaphal, and compatibility.

PL2000 offers many new well-designed pages of tables and information, including several for compatibility, varshaphal, dasa listings, ashtakavarga, Krishnamurti Paddhati, Vedic Remedies, Lucky Points, Panchanga details, and more. They are viewable onscreen, and print out crisply with color highlights and great formatting.

The new interpretations cover a wide range, including delineations for dasas-bhuktis-antardasas, three compatibility assessments (Dash-Koota, Mangala Dosha, and Ashtkoot), all of the planets by house, the Moon's Nakshatra, the Lagna and Lagnesh, and the lords of each house (by house placement). PL2000 has also added reformatted classical texts printouts, including one that organizes all of the applicable texts one house at a time.

Many of the readings include both auspicious and inauspicious results of a position. Like all computer-generated Vedic interpretations, these should not be handed out to the general public but instead be used as tools for learning Jyotish.

Fans of the already excellent Parashara's Light will enjoy the superb quality of the new formatted printouts, and be able to use the new interpretive pages to increase their understanding of Vedic Astrology.

Copy Protection, Bugs, and other Issues

In preparing my latest article for The Mountain Astrologer, I began exploring the effects that errors in a birth time have on the accuracy of astrological calculations. I was -- to put it mildly -- shocked by the results.

Most astrologers, including myself until now, have no clue that many techniques rely on completely accurate birth times. That if you do an Astro*Carto*Graphy map -- for example -- for someone whose birthtime is off by 15 minutes, you might as well pick a birth time out of hat and be equally inaccurate, since all of the lines will be 130-150 miles off!

Techniques that require an accurate birth time of not even 5 minutes off include all types of astromapping, outer planet transits to angles, many Vedic techniques, and birth charts for extreme latitudes.

Important Notes

I have received only one email from a reader of SoftStar News. She helped me to discover an error in one of my SoftStar News test data (which is now fixed), and a bug in the Win*Star's retrieval of internal ACS atlas data for the years -99 to +99. This bug -- which gives modern time zones instead of LMT for this time period -- is being addressed by Matrix, but also highlights the needs for people to test their software, rather than accepting its accuracy as a given.

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