Recent Insights: September1999

Updated: Sunday, September 26, 1999

1. The gifts of astrology. Since I am one of the foremost astrology software reviewers in the U.S., I frequently receive new programs to test and review. The latest round I received were of the interpretive sort, and I just spent many hours reading dozens of interpretations of my chart.

I am amazed at how grateful I feel for the teaching I've been given by them. The mirror that a good delineation holds up to oneself is priceless. It helped me to face and really see and acknowledge patterns that I knew about but hadn't completely accepted.

It actually felt healing to read about these themes, in part because it makes it that much more evident that the lessons I have been dealing with are all part of "the Plan" or Divine order. And that takes away self-judgement and self-doubt and allows me to move forward more easily.

2. There is time. This is the first month that I didn't push myself to write this column earlier in the month. I just had a deep sense that when the time was right, I'd be ready to. I'm developing a greater calmness and less inner pressure in response to external obligations, which allows me to move forward towards them in an easier and more graceful fashion. For which I am grateful.

3. In completing the dividing of the possessions and the financial agreements with my ex-wife (I've been divorced about 5 years now), I'm struck by how much easier it is to do this now. Foremost in my mind are the thoughts that: 1. Everything material is transitory and I don't want to make any possesscion an object of worship. 2. That kindness and generosity -- while staying in touch with my limits -- are the best policy. 3. That my ex-wife is truly my friend, my soul friend, and that we are both looking out for the other person's best interests. This has been quite a healing time in this way.

4. I am continually reminded, by life and by the examples of my clients, of how important a life of balance is. One must play, change pace, take time off, and feed one's soul. These are all necessary regularly. When I take enough walks at the Marina, and play enough, I simply thrive at a level that I do not otherwise.

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