World Of Wisdom Horoscope Interpreter Version 2.0

By Adrian Ross Duncan

Important Note: I have discovered time zone errors in the atlas of WOW, and other users have reported additional calculation errors in the program, so I can no longer recommend it.


The World of Wisdom Horoscope Interpreter is a remarkably powerful, incredibly inexpensive, and very well-designed natal and transit report writer. It comes complete with an atlas for 100,000 cities (with automatic entry of longitude, latitude, time zone, and time changes), a chart page designer, user-definable aspect orbs, point-and-click onscreen interpretations, and a time graph for each transit event.

The creator of WOW has paid great attention to the formatting of the printed report. Each page is exquisitely laid out, with a header indicating whether it's a natal or transit or combined report (and who it's for), a footer that includes page number and program owner, and two columns of body text with titles, sub-titles, and paragraph headings perfectly sized and highlighted by either shading or color. For those fortunate enough to own a color printer (and the new HP color printers are excellent and inexpensive), WOW produces visually stunning and truly beautiful reports, by far the nicest I've ever seen, with lovely chart wheels. (You can also modify the format to suit your needs.)

The "meat" of the report, its interpretive text, is offered in two flavors: a Professional (work-oriented) Interpretation and a Personal (psychological) Interpretation. You can select either or both flavors to print out. (Note: like all Windows programs, you can explore all of the interpretations onscreen or in printouts.) Here's an example of the program's Professional Interpretation text for natal Sun Square Mars, :

"You are an extremely dynamic person with an excellent sense of when to grasp opportunities. You thrive on competition and love a good fight. You are no diplomat, but in situations which require courage and decision, you are the right person. Women with this aspect may early in life experience many conflicts with dominating or aggressive men, but ultimately these problems are solved by learning to be more self-assertive in a confident manner. You are suited to a job which provides you with a challenge. You have a pioneering spirit and are willing to take on the necessary confrontations to get ahead. You get bored easily, and when you get bored, you can get into trouble. When you encounter an obstacle you tend to bang your head against it until it gives way. It would pay for you to plan more before you act, and strive to be less impulsive. If you find yourself getting into unnecessary conflicts, try to cultivate a spirit of compromise. Winning is a little too important to your ego."

As you can see, the interpretations in WOW are both well thought out and very detailed. There are delineations for planets by sign, house, aspect, and transit. (Incidentally, the Personal Interpretation for Sun Square Mars is almost twice the length of the above Professional Interpretation.) In fact, the printed reports use a smaller type than most programs so that the delineations, which cover so much ground, can fit in fewer pages. As such, a full report (natal and transits combined) can easily run 35 pages. This program definitely gives you a lot of very worthwhile text to read and study.

The transit interpretations are well written, too, and include a unique style of transit graph. Instead of showing only one degree entering and leaving orbs for a short period, WOW prepares a one to three year graph for each transit, with an increasing and decreasing peaks of intensity for the duration of each event.

WOW has an incredible number of features, including excellent online help, the ability to customize many of the program's defaults, to save chart data with addresses, phone numbers, and notes, and to view and print out any section of the program's text.

The newest version (2.0) runs twice as fast, and adds batch printing, the ability to use the Equal House System (in addition to Koch or Placidus), can print out the transit graphs as well as the text, will save and display photos with each chart, and includes a free file of famous people's charts and a set of astrological images. It also available on CD-ROM, and in that format includes musical sequences.

I highly recommend the World of Wisdom Horoscope Interpreter for its excellence in both presentation and content, its remarkably low price, and its superb ease of use.

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