StarTrax for Windows

Note: This program is very powerful, but has a user interface that is not the easiest to use, and is designed for techies instead of the regular user. Please contact me to see if it's the right software for you.

StarTrax for Windows
by A.I.R. Software

StarTrax for Windows is unsurpassed in its speed, accuracy, and powerful searches. It computes transits (to natal, transiting, progressed, Solar arc, Solar arc midpoints, and to transiting and natal midpoints), Secondary, Tertiary, and Minor progressions (to progressed, natal, solar arcs, converse progressed & natal, and transiting and natal midpoints) , Solar arcs (to direct and converse Solar arcs and natal positions, and to transiting, Solar arc, and natal midpoints), stations, and ingresses both to and from planets, Uranian points, asteroids, nodes, midpoints, and three user points.

You can generate Part of Fortune listings for any time period, explore ancient dates with the optional 8000 year ephemeris, and view transits and progressions in a uniquely effective circular graphic ephemeris called the Time Tunnel. Its revolutionary new Cartouche graph depicts the level of connectedness between the planets, accurately reflecting the splits and degree of integration within a person's psyche.

It can do local space, relationship, return, predictive, and draconic charts, and work with both the A.C.S. electronic atlases (and includes the ACS mini atlas), and with A.I.R. Software's other calculation programs (including a mapping program, rectification program, and research programs) and interpretations programs (horary, natal charts, etc.). StarTrax for Windows empowers astrologers to view future cycles in ways no other program can.

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