Tibetan Astrology

by Michael Erlewine

Price: $49.95

Michael Erlewine, the founder of Matrix Software, has studied Tibetan astrology and incorporated its techniques into a new program for those interested in exploring this field. Tibetan astrology combines methods from both Chinese and Vedic astrology, and adds its own techniques also.

The Matrix program Tibetan Astrology primarily does calculations for you; but it also includes an extensive help system, including detailed information on the meanings of all of the various terms and features used in the program. Some of these articles are quite in depth and help the reader understand just what factors are important, and how best to use the software. It also includes a bibliography of relevant sources of information.

One of its most powerful features is the Tibetan calendar. This shows a calendar for one month at a time with an incredible amount of detail including tidal effects, the special lunar days, and optionally each day's element, asterism, nidanas, and more. Additionally, by clicking on a specific day, an entire new screen pops up, full of details of Tibetan factors, electional information, and favorable directions.

Among the other features in Tibetan Astrology are the relationships between the planets in a person's chart (e.g. friendship) -- similar to Vedic astrology, the Tibetan Lunar day, an element and animal table for the months of any year, an extensive diagram called the Cosmic Turtle, the best days for a person, a diagram of the Vital Forces delineating the positions and status of each of the planets, Parkhas for the year, the critical years in a person's life, blessings and obstacles table for the years of one's life, a mewas table, and more. All tables and calendars can be viewed on screen and printed.

For the astrologer interested in investigating this branch of astrology, Tibetan Astrology will be a priceless asset. Now the incredibly laborious calculations, almost impossible for a Western astrologer to perform, are available in a beautifully designed and easy to use astrology program. We can be thankful for the work of Michael Erlewine in bringing this capability to us.

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