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Solar Writer Classical and Solar Writer Medicus are two of the first report writers produced by the creators of Solar Fire. This new series of report programs is well-designed, and allows you to customize the reports in many ways including selecting astrological defaults like house system, Zodiac, true or mean node, day/night or fixed part of fortune, and moieties (orbs) as well as formatting settings such as adding your personal logo, selecting the type of page justification, what fonts are to be used for headings, titles, body text, etc., the sections of the report to include (e.g. a chart, explanatory text, etc.), and whether or not to show astrological labels. You can view each report on screen, instead of having to print it, and apply margin and font changes while you read the report. Both modules were written by J. Lee Lehman, Ph. D., who has written books on classical astrology.

Solar Writer Classical starts with an excellent introduction distinguishing the classical approach from the modern approach to delineation, highlighting the more predictive and evaluative nature of ancient methodology. The report then examines each of the twelve houses by classical methods, first describing the meanings and associations for each house, and then by delineating the factors influencing each house, including the state of the house ruler and occupants by sign, essential dignity, and sect. She includes fascinating details such as how to assess the strength and nature of your enemies by looking at the 12th house.

Classical next focuses on sign placements. After again an enlightening preface on how earlier astrologers looked at planets in signs, the report covers each of the planets from the Sun through Saturn, focusing again on each planet's sign, dignity, and sometimes additional factors. Then we are introduced to what planet in the chart is the Alcocoden a point related to medical conditions and the length of the life -- and what its significations are in the selected chart. This is followed by well-written explanatory text on the medieval approach to aspects, and an exploration of each of the aspects (again by the Sun through Saturn) in the chart, also looking at the significator of each.

Further sections interpret the Face of the Ascendant, Sun, and Moon, the planets in Peregrine, and a well done and in-depth discussion of the humors and analysis of the humors in the chart.

Since these earlier texts can occasionally be direct, harsh, or contradictory, this is not a report I would suggest selling or giving out to the naive or impressionable. Solar Writer Classical is an excellent tool for those wanting to understand and explore a Renaissance approach to astrology.

Solar Writer Medicus similarly to Solar Writer Classical uses medieval methods of astrology to explore health conditions for a specific chart. The chart used, called a Decumbiture, is a type of Horary chart calculated for the moment of sudden onset of an illness, when the person becomes bedridden, or when they are admitted to a hospital. Like Solar Writer Classical, and earlier astrology texts in general, adjacent paragraphs may very well contradict each other (e.g., there is danger of death / the disease will diminish) and the language is strong. The synthesis of the report material is up to the reader.

At the beginning of the report, Dr. Lehman discusses what a Decumbiture chart is, whether to use the chart as a question-answering Horary chart (where the querent is represented by the First House), and how to best use the report.

Next, the report introduces the concept of the four humors (like in Solar Writer Classic) but with more focus on their extreme manifestations leading to disease, and then discusses astrological antipathetic and sympathetic influences, and how to determine which planets are predominant in a specific chart.

The first actual interpretations of the Decumbiture follow, starting with the cause of the disease, which looks at the ruler of the 6th house and the qualities of (sect, mode, degree range, dignity, house position, sign, etc.) and aspects of the Moon and the Sun (rulers of acute and chronic diseases respectively). The aspects are explored in depth, including aspects to the rulers of houses and aspects that are within orb, approaching, or separating.

Medicus then calls up quotes pertaining to the Moon's Nodes, all of the planets through Saturn, and the Planetary Hour ruler. More extensive interpretations of most of the houses comes next, focusing on such factors as the sign, occupants, and aspects to a house and the status of house rulers via dignity, aspect, other house ruled, and more.

The report completes with general notes that apply to this type of analysis, a table of references, an extensive glossary of astrological terms, and a dictionary of old medical terms.

As its author carefully explains, Medicus is a research tool that collects all of the relevant quotes from important medieval astrologers about Decumbitures, not an easy or quick way to diagnose or cure disease. As such, it does its job excellently, and provides astrologers with a much faster way to see all of the factors influencing this kind of chart.

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