by Bernie Ashman

$199 (plus $199 for the required calculation program WinTrax)

Skyscope produces a 26 page report, with the introductory material on the first six pages. It explores each planet and the Moon's Node by sign and house, plus the rising sign, followed by interpretations of the aspects between the planets, node, Ascendant, and M.C. Skyscope's positive delineations are generally well-written and accurate. Here's an example of Mars in the Second House:

"You can be spontaneous in entering situations to enhance your financial security and ownership. Fighting for your values and livelihood is a natural drive. Sharing your possessions with others makes them trust you. You can be a catalyst in getting people to improve their emotional and physical wealth. Work that brings out your pioneering spirit is energizing. Taking a risk gets your adrenalin pumping. Avoiding all conflict could keep you from experiencing growth and opportunity. People may like the way you put your resources to work. You might show courage in dealing with crisis situations. Physical exercise has a calming effect on you."

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