Roadmapping Your Future - The Prediction Report

by Bernie Ashman


This DOS program the Roadmapping Your Future is a very comprehensive transit and progression interpreter quite different in its organization and style than other predictive reports. Instead of putting all events into one listing, the program offers four different "Lenses", each individually selectable. Choosing all of the sections results in a lengthy report, so many astrologers will print different lenses depending upon their needs. You can import files from Nova, Kepler, Blue*Star, Compact Data, and ARP into this program. There are not, however, provisions for editing the text of the report, nor viewing results on your computer screen.

Lens one interprets major cycles, including transiting Saturn by quadrant and in hard aspect to natal Saturn, the progressed Sun's house, sign, and hard aspects to natal points, the transiting node's house, transiting Uranus hard aspects to natal Uranus, transiting outer planet conjunctions to personal planets and angles, and progressed New and Full Moons. No dates are listed for these cycles.

Lens two focuses on, without listing dates and durations, the progressed Ascendant sign, progressed inner planet (plus Lunar) ingresses by sign and house, and house positions of transiting Saturn through Pluto. It also interprets, with entering, exact, and leaving dates, the outer planet hard aspect transits to natal points, and progressed inner planet (and Lunar) and angle hard aspects to natal points.

Lens three focuses on more harmonious events, complete with entering, exact, and leaving times, such as progressed inner planet and angles and transiting outer planets in soft aspects to natal points. It also includes (without dates) Jupiter's house ingress.

The final lens, lens four, delineates shorter cycles. It first examines the house placements for the transiting Sun through Mars. Then it interprets, with entering, exact, and leaving dates, the transiting Sun through Mars aspects to natal points, plus the house placement of the New Moon for each month, and new house ingresses that occur by Sun through Mars during the search period.

Note: whenever if a point changes sign or house, the date of change is listed.

I particularly like Roadmapping Your Future's interpretation of progressions, such as the progressed Ascendant conjuncts natal Mars:

"Assertion encompasses your life. Situations requiring courage bring out your best. Be you. Let others be themselves. People will likely find you impatient with yourself. You may feel in a hurry to achieve your desired aims. It will be difficult for individuals to keep pace with you. Patience. Act. Inaction make you angry and difficult to live with. Avoid self-hatred. It is not helpful. Self-motivation is a far better path during this cycle."

Roadmapping Your Future is a refreshing change from other predictive software. It gives you both a broad overview of your astrological climate and details on faster cycles. While I would have liked it better if the program gave the onset and duration for every event, I find the Roadmapping Your Future a wonderful way to understand one's present place in the Cosmic scheme.

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