The Professional Natal Report

$325 by Steven M. Blake

The Professional Natal Report, at 24 pages, first covers both predominances and absences of elements and hemispheres, and major and minor aspects. It then examines each house, its general meaning, the sign on its cusp, and each planet within the house by sign and house. This format lends itself towards synthesis by the reader, even though each piece of interpretation is its own chunk. The program itself is very customizable, allowing you to omit sections of the text (e.g. minor aspects), print to the screen, printer, or a text file, and even view chart wheels on the screen. You can also edit the text used to prepare reports. While some of the aspect interpretations are too negative or overstated (using words like never and rarely), the program offers very good suggestions on how to handle each aspect.

Here is an example of Sun trine Jupiter:

"Your positive attitude is usually sufficient to allow you to do whatever you think will let you grow, expand and evolve at a reasonable pace. Your balanced outlook keeps your schemes and plans within the realm of reason -- most of the time. But, at other times, you get a bit sloppy and extravagant because you tend to think you can get away with just about anything. When you notice this happening, just pull in the reins a little bit -- you'll get where you're heading, perhaps a little slower than you'd like. And then, my friend, on to the next challenge ... "

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