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King of the Stars (KOS) is the first program to combine many elements of Western Astrology with a powerful Chinese Astrology module. I will discuss the Western features first. At the present time, the accuracy of KOS is less than required by professional astrologers for the planet Pluto, which can be up to several minutes of arc off at times, but the author promises to improve the accuracy in the next update. All of the modules can be downloaded from the website:, and explored before purchasing.

The Western functions in KOS include creation of an aspect grid (no orbs listed) and graphic chart wheel with aspect lines, store and edit charts, and the ability to add notes to any chart. The program includes time change atlas for 3000 cities worldwide (and the ability to add more)

The Graphics Server module ($20 or free with the purchase of the other modules) adds the ability to customize the orbs, the planets displayed, the house system, the colors of the planets and the aspect lines, and to select Tropical or Sidereal zodiac. It also adds additional tables, e.g. of aspects to angles (e.g. the Vertex) and Lilith.

KOS basic forecast module ($40) interprets the events of the day or the month or for a user-specified time period. It allows you to customize the entering and leaving orbs (comes preset with wide orbs), and what transiting and transited planets you want, and what major aspects to use. Its accuracy in this module is generally within two days of more precise software, and its simple interpretations are scaled to the novice.

The personality analysis module ($20) analyzes the birth chart in detail. It starts with more basic and rudimentary evaluations of planets in signs and houses, predominances and absences. But then the true insights of the author are revealed in good short delineations of the aspects, followed by excellent analyses in the Specific Remarks section on the patterns of ego dynamics in the chart, and then a Karmic Analysis of the chart factors. The analysis ends with an interesting system of weighting the planets in the chart.

In the Search module ($20), you can look for charts in your file that have either similar features to, or compatibility with, a selected chart. You can also create a profile of a person, selecting specific aspects between planets, as well as house and sign positions, and search your database to see who matches that profile most closely.

The piece de resistance of KOS is its Chinese astrology functions. There are two different Chinese modules: The Zi Wei Dou Shu tool ($40) builds and studies a Chinese birth chart and its energies, and the Zi Ping or Four Pillars of Destiny module ($20) examines the Yin/Yang polarities and the elements for the Year, Month, Day, and Hour of Birth.

One of the most outstanding features of the chart analysis module (Zi Wei Dou Shu) is its ubiquitous and effective help system. By reading the instructional materials that are available at all times, one can learn the principles of Chinese astrology and of the software quite effectively. An incredible amount of time and care has gone into making the program understandable and friendly, including glossaries of terms, links to additional features, and much more. A novice to the field, such as I am, will come to realize how vast Chinese astrology is. This is not a field to master in short order, but KOS comes with the tools to build your understanding. The help system also teaches you the rules of analysis, and encourages you to analyze each area of life (house) one by one. The destiny house is the most important, much like the Western ascendant or first house.

As you view the Chinese birth chart, you can examine any specific house in detail. You can also choose what level of depth of information you want to see (easy, intermediate, or advanced), and what language to use (English, French, Vietnamese, Chinese). For prediction, the program shows you which house is emphasized right now for the year, day, and hour, and by the Moon's placement.

The Four Pillars module is a stand-alone program that calculates, displays, and analyzes one of the main Life Reading techniques in Chinese astrology called The Four Pillars of Destiny. It produces a graphic image showing the favorable and unfavorable directions, a table of the Earthly Branches and Heavenly Stems, the trigram and gua for the birth date. In the analysis section, it shows a detailed chronology of the transitions for each of the decades of the person's life. This module does not come with online help at this point, and so is presently geared towards those who know how to use it.

King of the Stars is already a remarkable program that will introduce to Western astrologers the depth and power of Chinese astrology. As the accuracy improves, and additional modules -- numerology, Chinese chart analysis, and more -- are released, the program will become even more valuable and effective. Its incredibly reasonable price and range of functions makes King of the Stars a great asset to the astrological community.

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