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Many companies produce astrology programs that prepare delineations, but Cosmic Patterns offers at least three times as many report programs as anyone else. That's because it is so easy to use their Kepler software to create one's own text files, and thereby a new interpretation program. Astrologers who want to market their creations can send them to Cosmic Patterns, who will add them to their catalog if the quality is high enough. As a result, the company has assembled a truly amazing range of fine interpretive software, ranging from medical analyses to forecast reports, from relocation information to past life patterns.

Kepler is a very easy to use and quite powerful calculation program, complete with natal, progressed, return, relationship, and harmonic charts; transit and progressed hit listings, midpoint and harmonic analyses, house cusp tables, and an excellent weighting system of the most important themes in a natal chart. You can design your own chart forms, display or print single, bi-, and tri-wheels, and extensively customize the programs fonts, page formats, etc. Kepler does an excellent job of displaying its output onscreen, and can both print to a file or to a monochrome or color printer. The new Kepler for Windows offers more formatting options for each report (such as the use of any TrueType font), and greater ease of use.

Kepler's data collection is an exceptionally useful collection of 10,000 charts, including birth data for famous people, business data events, and additional data for places and events. All of the data has been carefully researched for accuracy, and provides astrologers with a very economical and valuable resource.

The newest version of Kepler not only includes one of the best electronic atlases in the World, with about 300,000 cities (for automatic entry of longitudes, latitudes, time zones, and time changes), but also has the most accurate planetary calculations available for ancient dates, and the most advanced astro-mapping features ever released.

Many astrologers have wanted more astro-mapping information than is available in most software. After all, one may never live in or travel to a city on an Astro*Carto*Graphy rising or culminating line (I never have). Kepler goes much further and can show you all of the planetary aspect lines (e.g. trines, squares, even minor aspect lines), plus lines for planetary midpoints. This reveals much more information about every city you examine. Another pioneering feature is the ability to see the orb for each line. The program surrounds each line with beautiful shading to help you tell if a city is within orb of a line. Finally, Kepler adds specific maps for Love and Romance, Vocation and Career, Friendship and Family, Imagination and Inspiration, and Excitement and Instability, so that novices can easily determine where to travel to enhance any of these themes.

The new version of Kepler is also an incredibly advanced research program. You can search for individual factors, of course, like a planet in a sign (or stationary which most programs do not find), or create complex signatures, such as a "Saturn factor" weighting scheme, for example, with 5 points for each planet in Capricorn, 20 for Saturn aspecting the Sun or Moon, etc. You can also analyze a group of charts for what factors appear most frequently in a group, because Kepler will show all of the angles between the planets for the group of charts that you select, in a sorted list.

The new Time Line graph is the only transit/progressed tool available that will find transits that are past entering orb and do not reach exact aspect during the scan. All other software misses these events, which are often very major ones (e.g. Pluto square Sun). It also graphically depicts the gradually growing strength of each transit or progressed event beautifully.

Lest readers who are unfamiliar with Kepler think that the program only does a few specialized functions, Kepler is a full-fledged calculation program with all of the basic and advanced features most astrologers need and want, including a large choice of birth chart forms, with new beautiful color chart wheels and bi- and tri-wheels; and an a wide range of calculations, such as returns, transits, progressions, composite charts, heliocentric and altitude/azimuth charts, Vedic charts and dasa listings, eclipses, fixed stars, harmonic charts, midpoint trees and sorts, 90 degree dials, astro-clock, transneptunians, 45 asteroids, and Arabic Parts.

Kepler also has a complete astrological encyclopedia with both a glossary of terms and many well-written articles, a library of over 400 beautiful graphics, mini-reports that delineate natal charts, transits, and compatibility, plus a live mini-reading spoken to you via your computer, and a comprehensive set of 27 lessons to help you learn astrology. You can view any chart, graph, map, or report on screen, as well as print in black and white or color.

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