Haydn's Jyotish

by Haydn Huntley

While this DOS program may not offer astrological glyphs, graphics, or as many functions as the other Vedic programs in this review, it is incredibly well designed, effortless to use (even without looking at the manual), lightning fast, and perfectly suited for laptops, older computers, and for people who dislike complexity. The menuing system is ingenious and intuitive, and the program always shows you what keys to use.

Haydn's Jyotish has many capabilities. In addition to all of the basic functions common to all of the programs reviewed here (mentioned at the beginning of this article), it can calculate Vimshopak, Bhava and Chaleta Bhava charts, alternate lagna charts for any planet as the first house, partial aspects, three methods of Ashtakavarga (Parashara, Saravali, and Brihat Jataka), two methods of Shad Bala (Raman and Parashara), Bhava Bala, tertiary progressed charts, and Vimshottari dashas to three levels. While viewing a chart, you can move the birth time forward or backwards for rectification, and shift transiting planets a step at a time, too.

What I like best in Haydn's Jyotish are its comments on each planet and house and the highlights for the chart. The program displays many factors about each placement, including the sign, house, positional strength, and aspects for each planet in both the Rashi and Navamsha charts, the planet's age, Jaimini karaka, lordship(s), dignity, the houses it signifies and it aspects, and the age at which it gives its full effect. It also points out any planets that are Vargottama, Raja Yogakaraka, close to the edge of a sign, within different signs but conjunct, in mutual reception, and combust. It also shows the Yogi point, Yogi, duplicate Yogi, Avayogi, Soli-Lunar Yoga, Lunar Nakshatra and Tithi, the Dagdha signs, Kujadosha, and the proximity of planets to their deepest point of exaltation or fall.

The birth chart screen looks simple but actually is cleverly designed to show you an amazing amount of information. It can display the degree and minute positions for each planet or show codes that reveal the planet's relationship to the sign its in, and whether it's stationary, slow moving, retrograde, close to the edge of a sign, combust, Vargottama, a Raja Yogakaraka, in mutual reception, rules a trikona, has positional strength, or losing a planetary war. Because each code is one letter, the screen remains uncluttered, while packed with information. You can even view transiting planets for any date placed within a Rashi chart, shown in a different color alongside the natal planets, complete with their codes. Pretty neat.

Haydn's Jyotish has several other niceties. It makes it simple to load, rename, delete, save, edit, or create a chart file. It comes with a utility to convert Quick*Chart files to the program's own format, letting you import files from most other programs. The built-in spooler expedites printing, and you can batch print any or all of the possible printouts, and even create a custom set of charts to print out. The program is very easy to customize, i.e. to select the chart format, length of the dasha listing, true or mean node, etc.

In summary, Haydn's Jyotish is a delightful program to use for fast, accurate, and effortless Vedic calculations. It offers all of the basic functions, and shows you many of the relevant and distinguishing qualities of each chart. As such, it's great for beginners and practicing Jyotishis alike.

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