Rectifying Charts using Astrology Software

by Hank Friedman

The job of rectifying a chart is not to be undertaken lightly. Very few Western astrologers can effectively find the correct birth time, with or without the help of astrological software.

In order to rectify charts, one needs a masters-level understanding of astrology and years of experience.

I have successfully rectified several charts myself (the accuracy being confirmed by documents discovered after the rectification), and have tested the rectification tools in many astrology programs.

There are two types of rectification tools in software:

1. Tools that allow you to view charts as you manually adjust the birth time. This feature is commonplace, and doesn't do the work for you, they only allow you to view charts for various possible birth times.

2. Programs that attempt to narrow down a range of possible birth times for you, after you enter the dates of significant life events, and choose one or more prediction methods.

Notice the words "narrow down". No astrology program can actually find a person's birth time. At best it can find a range of times that are more likely.

After testing many programs, most failed completely to find a range close to the actual birth time.

And the only two programs that came even close to the actual birth time only did so if a specific predictive technique was used (a selected set of transiting planets) and all other predictive methods were not employed. I was surprised that for both programs, one had to omit all progression and direction methods.

Even then, these rectification modules found time ranges that came close to the correct time, but not the actual birth time itself.


In Vedic astrology, rectification is much simpler to execute because Jyotisha makes extensive use of Varga (harmonic) charts, and these sub-charts shift quickly with changes in birth time, and so narrowing down the actual time of birth becomes much easier.

However, there aren't any Vedic programs that attempt to narrow down the birth time for you because it has to be done manually by a Jyotishi, and cannot be automated.


Therefore, if you wish to rectify charts yourself, after gaining a mastery of astrology, you need "roll up your sleeves" and do extensive interviewing of the client, create tables of possible times and how they would create differences in the person's life, and use timing to confirm, not find, the probable birth time.


Postscript: I have just received an email from a reader wanting me to rectify his chart. Unfortunately, I am booked ahead over 8 months, and generally don't do rectification work because it is so time consuming and therefore expensive.

If you have the patience to wait until next year, and the resources to afford a project like this, contact me and we'll see when it can be scheduled.

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