The DAV Horoscope Database

created by Dr. Peter Niehenke

available in the US from:

NCGR Publications,
613 Keith Lane, Dunkirk Business Center,
Owings, MD 20736
Price $60

Astrologers are lucky to have a giant new database of famous people's charts available on CD-ROM. This disc is called DAV (Deutscher Astrologen-Verband e.v. datenbank). Don't let the German title fool you, all of the instructions, for both installation and use, can be viewed in either English or German. And installing the database is simple, you don't even need to keep the CD-ROM in your computer, as all of the files are copied to your hard disk (you'll need about 70 megabytes of space free to install the database). The birth data comes from a variety of sources, including Lois Rodden, Marc Penfield, the Taeger Archiv, Lescaut, and the famous database of M. Gauquelin. The CD-ROM runs under Microsoft Windows on IBM compatibles with a CD-ROM.

Once the database is installed, you simply click on a Windows icon, and you're in the program. DAV is filled with nice touches, including the ability to see the list of the 29,911 birthdata records sorted alphabetically, chronologically, or by city of birth. You can view, and/or print a chart complete with aspect lines (although you'll have to get used to a very different symbol for Pluto), and included in each record are the source of the data and the person's profession.

This comes in handy when using the program's excellent search function, because you can enter words like "Actors" or "Pop Star" and see a list of all of the actors in the database, or choose "Rodden", and create a listing (which you can save) containing only the data provided by Lois Rodden. You can also search for charts containing planets and other points (such as Isis, Lilith, True Node, Ascendant, M.C., and Pars Fortuna) in a specific sign or Placidean house, or in aspect to another planet or point, as well as search by name, date range, and birthplace. You can even combine searches with and/or, such as "Who has the Moon in Aries or the Sun in the First House?"

You cannot change the aspect orbs used by the program unless you are skilled enough to manually edit the orb file. You can, however, choose between three house systems (Koch, Placidus, and Equal).

All in all, DAV is a wonderful resource for astrologers and well worth adding to one's data collection.

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