by Allen Edwall
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Over the years, Allen Edwall produced a large series of DOS programs with a wide range of features and capabilities. He has now created a new easy to use Windows program that incorporates all of these functions, and more. AstroWin comes packaged with a free stand-alone AstroClk astro-clock program that updates current planetary positions on a chartwheel every minute, making it easy to do elections and horary work.

AstroWin is unlike most Windows programs. Instead of offering fancy graphics and dozens of wheel styles, it provides astrologers with tools not yet available in other Windows programs. For example, you can calculate Johndro charts, Cosmodynes, Solstice point wheels, compatibility analysis, 126 Arabian Parts (listed and aspected to natal planets), primary zodiacal directions, exact timing of diurnal angles conjunct natal planets or transiting planets, and Munkasey's Midpoint Weighting Analysis and Personal Sensitive Points. The program will pop up a keyword listing of planet, sign, house, and quality meanings, a table of planetary hours for any date, and a U.S. or World map with Ecliptic Ascending and Midheaven lines drawn in.

AstroWin is full of thoughtful touches. It provides a one year list of lunations, complete with aspects made to natal planets. Its Sidereal chartwheel is the only one I've seen that draws in aspect lines according to Vedic rules. The one-day-at-a-time transit interpretations (for planets through Jupiter, except the Moon) are editable, and one can add interpretations for outer transits. And when you view a Solar or Lunar return wheel, you can step forward to the next returns, or backwards to previous returns at a click of a button.

AstroWin is quite customizable. By editing a text file of defaults within the program, you can change the color and size of the glyphs and numbers displayed in chartwheels, modify all of the aspect orb files, (there are separate files for natal charts, returns, progressed charts, etc.), choose the default longitude, latitude, and time zone for the program, and more.

The program comes with a very powerful set of Horary astrology tools, so many in fact, that one might almost think of it as a dedicated Horary program. Its basic Horary data sheet includes the Moon's previous and next aspects, planets at critical degrees, peregrine, detriment, and fall; the speed, rate, face, term, triplicity, sign ruler, and exaltation ruler for each planet, the planetary hour and day, fixed star conjunctions, planetary strengths, strictures, and more. Its Horary Analyzer provides definitions of many horary terms (such as refranation, emplacement, and translation of light), a nice listing of what things each house and sign rule, directional information, how to tell if a horary chart is radical, and an extensive series of questions (and answers) to help you evaluate a horary chart. It also comes with three text files to help beginners use the Horary functions: study notes, a tutorial, and an index of questions and interpretations from magazines and books.

Lest the reader think that AstroWin only does esoteric calculations, let me assure you that it comes with a complete set of basic techniques, including natal, progressed, Solar Arc, and transit charts; interaspect tables, Composite, and Davidson Relationship charts; Aries, Solar, Ingress, Whole Sign, and Draconic charts; single, bi-, and triwheels; and 90 degree dials, midpoint analysis, solar monthly and quadra-lunar returns, and harmonic charts. It works with the ACS electronic atlases for automatic entry of the correct longitude, latitude, and time change data, and also has a built-in longitude and latitude listing for many cities. Data entry is easy, you can click on the NOW button to get a chart for the present moment, the program is simple to learn even without a manual, and I never encountered any bugs or crashes in testing it.

AstroWin is a refreshing change from other Windows astrology programs. Its low price, extensive functionality, and careful design will please very many astrologers.

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