Quotes of the Guides

1. Always Aim Towards and Not Away From.

2. Energy follows Attention; The more you focus on problems, the bigger they get.

3. Examine, your relationship with the quote "Trust in Allah, and tie up your camel." Which axis are you too skewed towards?

4. As long as your society condemns "criminals" as bad, instead of sick, We (the Angels) will consider your society primitive.

5. The Ego wants its way. The ego wants everyone to agree with it. The ego doesn't accept being told it's wrong or that it can't get what it wants.

6. We avoid conflict, and end up with more conflict.

7. If we have mixed feelings, we need to experience both sides at the same time.

8. The goal is to become nobody, so that Someone may shine through.

9. The ego takes credit for the Essence's creations.

10. We fear most what we want most.

11. The ego always thinks it is superior to others, in some way, or many ways.

12. In our pain, we hurt others.

13. To forgive, we must first feel fully what we have to forgive.

14 Our wounded nature is a teaching. We would not be wounded, in the same way, without our pride.

15. The yoga of illness lies, at least in part, in neither melodramatizing, nor in fearing being sick. A baby doesn't fear, or excessively complain about, the cold it gets.

16. Given the chance to heal, we all will.

17. Neither are we (or our thoughts) omnipotent, nor are we (or our thoughts) impotent to affect our lives.

18. Attitude is crucial. Our stance, at any moment, determines to a large degree how we react to everything.

19. We focus on what makes us different from others (better or worse), when we should be focusing on what makes us the same.

20. We do not accept another's failings, when in fact acting thusly, we fail.

21. Where is the future? Nowhere. Our desire to pin down the future is pure ego, and a futile effort at that. Remember the drowning man who was worrying about mussing up his new hat, instead of the fact that he was drowning..

22. Everything that is born in Time, ends in Time.
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