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October 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

Many astrologers contact me with astrology software questions, and in the process, several specific questions get asked over and over again.

As a result, I decided to prepare a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page about astrology software for my website.

You can go to the new FAQ page by clicking here.

What's New and What's Coming in Astrological Software

For a long time, astrology software in general has been in a holding pattern. While some Vedic programs have been updated, the major Western astrology programs have not been.

With the UAC 2008 conference coming up next year, astrology software programmers have been working "full tilt" to bring their latest efforts to astrologers.

At some unspecified point in the future, but most probably by UAC, very significant updates to the biggest Western astrological programs will be released.

Already, however, new updates to several Western astrology programs are available or about to be released:

AstrolDeluxe has released a new version 7.0.

TimePassages is about to release their new 5.0 version.

Win*Star Express is now up to version 3.0.

and Janus 4.0 is about to be released.

Keep watching this column for details on the features added the these programs in each of these updates.

Exciting times in astrology software are upon us again.

[Note: I will be writing an article for The Mountain Astrologer on the updates to Win*Star Express, TimePassages, and AstrolDeluxe in the near future.]

A Wonderful New Add-on for Solar Fire

Astrolabe has now created an excellent free utility called Astrobackup to back up all of your chart files, default settings, customizations, and user-designed charts and pages easily and simply. You can also choose to only back up your chart files, as well as to search your hard drive to find all of the chart files and back them up.

Astrobackup can backup your files to a memory stick or cd, and automatically restore the files in case of difficulties.

You can download the utility by clicking here.

You can also see Astrolabe's excellent and detailed online video tutorial on using Astrobackup by clicking here.

Backing up data is crucial for every astrologer. Hard drives crash unpredictably (especially when they are two or more years old) and this software makes protecting all of your valuable data virtually effortless. Bravo!

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