Teachings in Metaphysical Astrology

November 2003

I have been very busy, the past two months, both teaching private students, and speaking at the San Francisco Astrological Society, and as a result, have written several articles. I wish to acknowledge that most of what I have learned in Vedic astrology, I have learned from my incomparable Vedic astrology teacher, Hart de Fouw.

Rather than place these articles within the body of this newsletter, I've decided to place links to them instead. That way you can go directly to the article you want to read.

For Western astrologers, I'm offering:

Pattern Recognition in Astrology

Keys to Chart Synthesis

For Vedic astrologers, I've written these articles:

The Interpretation of Dasas

A Textual Flowchart of the Iyer Method

A Graphic Flowchart of the Iyer Method

The Lord of the First in Each of the Houses

Important Note: on Wednesday, November 12, 2003, I added two more Vedic items:

A Sequence of Steps in Evaluating a Prasna Chart

A Graphic Depiction of the Prasna Yogas

Both of these are made available for those already familiar with the terminology and methods of Tajika Prasna.

Happy Holidays!

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