Not Being Mechanical

As a six on the enneagram, for those who know what that means, I am predisposed to "follow the rules." Even arbitrary rules and routines I establish for myself.

It is not that I cannot make changes, or that I lack flexibility. It's that it is all too easy to do things one way and then forget that I have the freedom and choice to do them other ways.

This column is a perfect example. I decided, in January of 1999, to start a monthly column of my insights. Changing the format so that I didn't feel internal pressure to do it every month didn't occur to me for several months!

Now that I'm changing to a more thematic format, it feels much better and more wholistic, and respectful of my beingness.

We each need to get away (on vacation) and find other ways to step back from the flow of our lives in order to see how we want to tinker and alter our routines.

And realize that we truly are "boss" of our lives, and can continue to make our lives ever more optimal.

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