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May 2000

New Software

Win*Writer Express is Matrix Software's new set of report writers for those who are on a budget. The software is not licensed for resale, i.e. you are not allowed to sell printouts, but you can give them to friends and family.

The pricing of each interpretive program is excellent. You can get any individual report program for $99.95, or four for $300.

The reports offer the same text as Matrix's $300 report writers, but you can't edit or format the text, select sections of a report to print out, or batch print.

Many of Matrix's reports are worth getting, including the excellent Woman to Woman natal report for women, the fine Child*Star report for parents, the well-written Asteroid report, the introductory natal report The Sky Within, the Friends & Lovers compatibility report, and the new Opportunities vocational report.

Also available at this price are Matrix's TimeLine, Sky Log, Heaven Knows What, Astro*Talk, and new Simpaticos reports.

I think it is generous of Matrix to make reports of this quality accessible to everyone. Well done!

Neat Stuff

I've just been chosen to write a new column on "Breakthroughs in Astrology Software" in Mercury Direct for The Mountain Astrologer. Instead of simply listing the features of new programs, I'm going to be helping readers learn how to use the new functions and capabilities effectively.

The first article will come out in the subscription version of the August/September issue of The Mountain Astrologer and will feature an in-depth look at the powerful new astrological capabilities of Solar Fire 5.

Copy Protection, Bugs, and other Issues

The responsiveness of astrology software companies varies incredibly. In helping to beta test and debug Solar Fire 5, I was amazed at how quickly pre-release bugs were fixed, and how solid the shipping version is. I usually dissuade astrologers from buying new upgrades, but not this time. Solar Fire 5 is ready for prime time!

Accolades also to Andrew Foss, author of Shri Jyoti Star, who receives suggestions and bug reports graciously and quickly implements new features, and keeps his software well polished.

Upgrades in the Works

Matrix is presently getting Ray Merriman's Solar Return report converted from DOS to Windows Win*Writer format. They are also hard at work on the long-term project of converting Win*Star to 32 bits.

Discounts on Software

When you purchase astrology software through me, you will get:

1. My free expert guidance in choosing the right program.

2. The best pricing distributors are allowed to offer.

3. Free U.S. shipping, unless prohibited by the manufacturer, and for some programs, free Priority shipping Worldwide.

4. Additional benefits. E.g. I offer a very inexpensive excellent transit report for purchasers of Kepler & Sirius, over 60 free beautiful extra artistic wheels for Solar Fire Gold, etc.

5. You are supporting my website, allowing me to continue posting astrology tutorials, software reviews, and much more.

6. Your software is fully registered to you and shipped to you directly from the manufacturer, with their full customer support as well as mine.

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