Recent Insights: March 2000

Updated: Thursday, March 02, 2000

1. Generosity. I'm realizing, at a deeper level, that true generosity is not just giving, kindly and thoughtfully to another, but instead tuning in to what the other person really needs and wants, and giving that.

In my personal relationships, that means listening better, not pre-supposing what the other person needs, and taking what they say to heart. Professionally, it means not just doing a fine chart reading, but really responding to the needs of the soul of the client, and sharing the most important insights with them.

2. MTW thinking. I don't remember if I've written here before about Making Things Worse thinking, but in any case, here goes: When our thoughts go in a direction that creates anger, builds walls between ourselves and others, festers on real or imagined grievances, justifies and defends our own actions excessively, or even gloats in our verbal scoring over others, we are making things worse.

The most important thing we can do when we are in MTW thinking is to know that we are doing it. Then we can stop or slow it down, or at least discount/disbelieve our thoughts.

Myself, I often go underneath the convoluted thinking process, with deeper breath for example, and look at what the emotions are underneath the thinking. Then by letting those emotions move through me, I can de-energize the thinking processes and more quickly return to centeredness.

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