The Love Poems of Aderan

Love poems by Aderan


Love Says
Love is limitless and
Love sets its own boundaries.
It's not for humans to do that.
Love says, Open now.
Love says, Take a break.
Love says, Know the person as yourself.
Love says, Forget yourself.
Love says, Forget everything but God.
Love says, Do not make another the object of worship.
Love says, The Sun doesn't know it shines.
Love is not busy measuring itself.
Love says, Let all the doors open.
Let all the doors open
when they want to,
when they're meant to.
Don't force them open.
Don't pry them open.
Don't hold them open or closed.
Love says, Be like the Wind.
Blow when you're supposed to and
settle when you're supposed to.
Strive with all your might
when the tide is right,
and stop at night.

You forgot to love yourself.
You put your own heart on a shelf.
It got bruised and battered around,
while you didn't make a sound.
Then you realized what was true,
the person it had to love is you.

It's not enough to love others.
You must return to you.
Love is a Light shining bright,
Hate is a darkness that blinds the Light.
Love is a caring sure and true
for more than just separate you.
Love is beyond words and thoughts,
beyond consciousness,
beyond the ability to embrace.
Love is truly, truly dear
Love dissolves every fear.
Love has a heart of its own, not a mind,
a heart of its own.
a state of joy,
a state of grace,
a state of ... beyond.
We can prepare for Love and hope Love finds us.
We can open our hearts and hope Love enters the door.
We can simply make the soil fertile
and hope the flowers bloom.

No one can command Love,
No one can demand Love,
No one can force Love,
No one can stop Love,
No one can kill Love.
Yes, Love can come and go
and that's different, that's different.

Often human beings attribute that
coming and going to themselves
when like the Wind,
Love comes and goes,
as it will.

You might say, Love is ever present and people are not.

From the standpoint of the transitory ones,
from the standpoint of the transitory ones,
Love comes and goes.
From the standpoint of living in time,
Love comes and goes.

In the moments that are timeless and
when one has arrived into timelessnes,
Love is always present.
Before that Love is a present.
There was not a cell of Rumi's body,
there was not a drop of Christ's tear
that was not saturated with Love.

Love is like a bird that flies in the sky.
She spots you on the ground,
and swoops near and by.
She picks you up and places you on her back,
and flies you where you could not go
without her help, and back.
And when Love settles down
and places you once again on the ground,
You find yourself the same, and changed, again.

When Love takes you on the journey,
you wish it would never stop.
You think about it ending,
and there you go kerplop.
You can't grasp the water,
you can't grasp your soul.
Trying to grasp at straws or Love
will never make you whole.
You all must surrender
your wants, your needs, your will
Or, otherwise you'll be alone
and yearn forever still.

When you lose jealousy,
then you will shine bright.
When you forgive all your mistakes,
the dawn will follow night.
When you see you are quite right,
on course and perfect time,
You'll know completely
the reason for this rhyme.
To let you see, to let you be
who you have always been.
It's not here or there
that you need to travel in.
You are perfect as you are,
We know it very well.
It's doubting, making it wrong
that is your private hell.
Break the mold, see the Light
Your wishes will come true.
Because in fact you already are
a radiant being, You.
The moment is about to pass,
our poem is about to end,
but remember always, our dear one,
We are your eternal friend.
We're always there, we're never gone
with each and every breath
and God is present through and through
until you finally rest.


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