My Latest Astrology Software Reviews

I publish my Mountain Astrologer astrology software reviews (and news columns) on my website once the next issue of TMA comes out.

In writing these reviews, I carefully explore all of the features of each program, dialog with the author(s), make sure any bugs I discover are fixed, and then submit the review to the software company for accuracy checking and feedback before sending them to my publisher.

All of my most recent reviews are in my bi-monthly Mountain Astrologer software news column: TMA SoftStar News

Breakthroughs in Astrology Software

Sirius 1.1 - Cosmic Pattern's most powerful program Sirius

ZET Geo 8 (a very powerful astrology program from Russia) ZET

The Day Watch Astrological Calendar Program (and an updated sidebar on all of the other programs with Astrological Calendars: Day Watch

The newest version of astrology's flagship program Solar Fire: My Full Mountain Astrologer review of Solar Fire Gold (Solar Fire 7)

A new, unique astrology program: Intrepid 2.0

The latest version of TimePassages: TimePassages 5.0: Natal, Transit, Synastry Reports

Matrix's low priced calculation program: Win*Star Express 3.0

Janus 4.0 -- with powerful new Astromapping features Janus 4.0

Shri Jyoti Star -- The latest version of this great Vedic program    Shri Jyoti Star 6

The Latest version of Käla                                        Käla 2006

Matrix's New Astromapping Program                       Horizons

Solar Fire Deluxe                                            The latest version of Solar Fire

The Ultimate Program for Huber Astrology                       Regulus

A Multimedia Vedic Astrology Program                       Digital Jyotish 1.5

My First Review of software for handheld computers:    Jyotish Tools For the Pocket PC

Kepler 7.0                                                             The Great New Version of Kepler

An In-Depth Comparison of Astrolocality Software    AstroMapping Programs

The Great New Version 5 of Shri Jyoti Star            Shri Jyoti Star ver. 5

A New Vedic Astrology Software Review            The Kala 2002 Vedic Astrology Program

The New AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter 6.0         The Full Mountain Astrologer Review

Solar Fire 5                                                      Read my reviews  Price Drop! 

AstroDatabank 2.0                                       Read my review  and get a great price

Astrology Software and Windows XP             Using Windows XP with Astrology Software

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