Getting more accurate results with Kepler & Sirius hit lists

In both Kepler and Sirius, the default settings will cause transit hit lists to miss events where the search period is too short, i.e. the transit has entered orb before the starting date and doesn't reach exact orb until after the end of the search period.

For those who use larger than 1 degree orbs, this problem becomes more commonplace, so I usually advice all astrologers to use tighter orbs (like 1 degree) for their transit hit lists.

To guard against this problem, enter Kepler or Sirius and run a transit search.

After running the search, right click on the hit list screen and select customize:

On the Customize Transit Printout screen:

Change the Aspects in Orb from 0 to 1 if you use one degree orbs, 2 if you use two degree orbs, etc.

Now the hit lists will catch the previously missed events.

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