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June 2008

Tips and Tricks: Export Solar Fire Gold Calendar data to Rainlender

One of Solar Fire Gold's excellent features is its ability to export its calendar data to other software calendar programs. In other words, another calendar can display when the void-of-course Moon starts and ends, show the transits to your natal chart, etc.

One of the free calendar programs that I found that works perfectly with Solar Fire Gold's exported data is called Rainlendar. You can learn about it and download it by clicking here.

Why would you want to do this? Because you can then have an astrological calendar on your computer desktop all of time showing you your transits and other important astrological data, even when Solar Fire Gold isn't running.

The steps to export the calendar data and import it into Rainlendar (or any other compatible calendar program) are as follows:

1. Run Solar Fire Gold.

2. Run the Calendar feature. (Click on the word Dynamic at the top of the screen, and then on the word Calendar in the drop down menu that appears.)

3. View a monthly calendar (by clicking on the 31 icon at the top left of the screen).

4. Click on the word Export at the top right of the top menu, and then click on the words "Send Calendar Events", and then click on the words "to iCalendar File".

5. In the window that pops up, type the word "c:\" (i.e. without the quotes, the letter c, then a colon, then the backslash symbol) and hit the Enter key. Type in the name: calendar.ics and click on the Save button.

6. After installing and running Rainlendar, right-click on its icon at the bottom right of your computer screen and click on the word Manager...

7. In the Manager window that appears, click on File, then on Import, then on iCalendar Format.

8. In the window that pops up, type in the word: calendar.ics and hit the Enter key. The program will tell you that it successfully imported the events.

9. Click on the Close button and the process is complete.

My New Extensive Review of Sirius 1.0

I just spent several days exploring Cosmic Patterns' new Sirius 1.0 program.

It has many, many new and enhanced features.

You can read my review by clicking here.

A Major Weakness in Most Astrology Software Weighting Schemes

Whether an astrology program is evaluating a natal chart (for themes like individuality, nurturance, or aggressiveness), or an astromap (e.g. to show lines for romance or career), or a time line (to indicate times of passion or accidents), most astrology programs use universal significators instead of temporal ones.

(Note: for those unfamiliar with the word temporal, it is usually applied to factors that change when the Ascendant changes, primarily house lordship and house occupation.)

Universal indicators are primarily planets that represent a specific life theme for everyone on Earth. That's what makes them universal. For example, the Sun universally represents Father, and Venus marriage.

But their very universality diminishes their effectiveness, because everything else about the placement of a universal factor in a specific chart is ignored. E.g. it's sign, aspects, house placement, house rulership, strength, etc.

As Morinus elucidates so cogently and clearly in his texts, it is the temporal factors that really are individual enough to indicate specific life themes effectively.

For marriage then, one should use the lord of the 7th house (and also planets occupying or aspecting the 7th house) and not primarily Venus. For Mother, one should use the Fourth Lord (and also planets influencing the 4th house) and not primarily the Moon.

So astromaps, timelines, and natal chart analyses based upon universal factors cannot possibly give as accurate results as those that focus more on temporal ones.

That's why I applaud the creators of the few programs that allow you to create theme astro-maps based upon house lordships, natal astrosignatures again using these temporal factors, etc.

Important Note: Even if your astromapping or other software cannot be configured to focus upon house lords or house occupants, you can keep these in mind when examining maps and graphs. E.g. if your Sun is the 4th lord, your Sun line on your astromap might be a particularly good line to show you where to settle down.

My Priorities make me an unusual astrology software dealer

Because I am an astrologer first, a software reviewer second, and a software dealer third, I want other astrologers to get what they need much more than I want to sell them anything.

I have often talked astrologers out of getting a second program, teaching them how to use the program they already have to get the charts and output they need; and have also often directed people towards free or very inexpensive packages if that is all that they need.

I value the ease-of-use of software much more highly than the range of features, knowing that most people won't even use 50% or more of the features built-in to their programs.

And I can't recommend programs that are buggy or inaccurate; or harmful or misleading in their delineations.

I also direct people to different companies' products, depending upon what they specifically want to be able to do.

So earning money from selling software is pretty low on my priority list, since honoring astrology and astrologers is so much more important.

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