Recent Insights: June 2000

Updated: Monday, June 12, 2000

1. Receiving and Vegging. Because I love to give to, and to share myself with others, I sometimes fall into thinking that I should always be giving.

My Guides just reminded me that it is equally important to let myself receive, both from myself, and from others. And that when I want to veg, just laze about reading or watching a show, that these activities are restorative and not to be judged. I need to remember that.

2. Physicality. Since I am a very emotionally and mentally based person, it always amazes me how much all of me is happier when I attend to the physical. Specifically, when I work in the garden, take long walks at the marina, and get other physical work done.

A peace decends upon me, and a groundedness, that lasts for several days. And I give thanks for a body that affords me this joy.

3. Loneliness. Since my 6 month relationship has ended, I've been surprised to find myself not wanting to be alone. Before I started the relationship, I'd had a long enough "dry spell" to have accomodated to being single, and was completely content with being alone, even for whole weekends at a time.

But having spent so much time in tandem, and connected with, another person, I now notice the lack, sometimes sharply. As the weeks go by, it again gets easier and easier. But a taste of paradise certainly left me wanting more.

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