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July 2003

Neat Stuff: For Software Developers, The ACS Atlas DLL for Windows and OCX for the Pocket PC

For the developers of computer software, ACS has recently created a DLL for Windows, so that software authors can develop their own user interface for coordinate and time zone lookups, and also an OCX that programmers for the Pocket PC can use to incorporate the ACS atlas into their software.

ACS performs an invaluable service to the astrological community by providing the most accurate coordinate and time zone information for most astrological software. You can contact them by email at

Neat Stuff Two: What Watch

What Watch is a new free astrology program that can create natal, composite, and synastry charts. Besides the regular planets, the program calculates the centaurs Chiron, Pholus, Nessus and Asbolus, the asteroid Ceres, the newly discovered Kuiper Belt object Quaoar, the Moon's nodes and Lilith. Because it uses the Swiss Ephemeris, its accuracy is superb.

It has a "harmonic aspectarian" which is simple a screen of horizontal dials in the form of six different strips that show harmonic conjunctions for hard aspects, ptolemaic (12th harmonic) aspects, septiles, trines, noviles, quintiles, and septiles. It can also display natal midpoints from any single planet to the other points, show a midpoint in a chart wheel, and create listing of exact transits between any two points, including to a midpoint or composite points.

You can also view mundane transits, i.e. what astrologers call transits to transits, e.g. to see when transiting Mars will conjunct transiting Neptune, or to see lunations, etc.

Much more powerful is the program's ability to show the positions of a second chart in either a natal wheel or on the dials screen, which allows you to analyze transiting positions in relationship to natal points very easily. After finding an important event, you can then use the list of exact transits to see the sequence of hits between the transiting and natal point.

What Watch comes with an excellently designed tutorial that steps you through its features.

Because the program is freeware, it doesn't include an atlas nor any time zone corrections, so you will have to use other software or online resources (like Astrodienst's online time-change atlas to get the correct coordinate and time zone information.

What Watch is an interesting and useful free astrology program that is growing in capabilities and worth checking out. You can get What Watch by clicking here.

Astro-Mapping: My Full Mountain Astrologer review

Note: This is the most comprehensive review of astrological mapping software available today. I have received wonderful feedback from both the software creators and many readers for this article.

To read the review, click here.

Discounts on Software

Software discounts starting July 2003: When you purchase astrology software through me, you will get:

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5. You are supporting my website, allowing me to continue posting astrology tutorials, software reviews, and much more.

6. Your software is fully registered to you and shipped to you directly from the manufacturer, with their full customer support as well as mine.
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