Recent Insights: July 2000

Updated: Sunday, July 16, 2000

1. Setting boundaries. I still find myself amazed that when I speak up to a friend, and set a boundary or limit that I think will cause the other person to be upset with me, they usually are not. Even when they are, it passes quickly, and they and I are both happy that I was able to be honest with them. It helps me stay clear and open to do this.

2. Balance. It still amazes me how much my physical state influences my mood. If I take walks regularly, and don't each too much sugar, my mood is consistently positive and my mind clear. When I neglect my body, on the other hand, my mood can become sour and my mind preoccupied with problems. In other words, paying attention to my physicality is its own reward.

3. My Guides:

Human beings have three main spiritual centers: the Crown, the Heart, and the Belly. In order for a person to pursue the spiritual path in a balanced way, all three centers must be attended to.

The Crown (imagine an arrow pointing up from the top of your head):

The Crown chakra brings vertical connection to Spirit. Too much Crown work w/o the other centers being developed may make you an excellent meditator or visionary, but can result in ungroundedness and unfocusedness, living more in the imaginal world than on Earth, and disconnected from others and from the manifest.

The blessings of the Crown center are contact with the Divine, channeling, communion, a vaster perspective, and a deep vertical connection.

The Heart (imagine an arrow pointing from your heart out into the world, horizontally):

The Heart chakra brings connections to others. Too much Heart work w/o the other centers being developed may create a life rich in relationships, but can also result in loss of the sense of self, living others' lives and feelings, and becoming too emotionally sensitized.

The Heart brings the blessings of deep connectedness to all life on Earth, compassion, emotional understanding, and creative expression.

The Belly (imagine an arrow pointing down from your belly to the Earth):

The Belly center brings the connection to the manifest (concrete) reality. Too much belly may make you an excellent martial artist or athlete but can also make you too materialistic, insensitive to the vulnerabilities of others, and too rigid.

The Belly gives you your clear sense of self, the ability to be grounded and resilient, and your roots on Earth (from which to really appreciate being incarnate).

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