Recent Insights: January 1999

Updated: Thursday, January 06, 2000

1. Expressing. When we, and our loved ones, are hurt, disappointed, or frightened by the other person, we often express ourselves in ways that have exactly the opposite effect to what we want. We often become blaming, demanding, or exaggerating without realizing it, and in doing so push the other person farther away just when we want them closer. It is so important to pay attention to the effect of our communication on others, not just the content or our intent. After all, it is the effect that really counts, in the end.

2. Satisfaction. There have been times in the past two months when, in my new relationship with all of the love I am receiving, I am filled with joy, literally flooding all of the cells of my body. What is even more striking, however, is that even though this joy is healing me, changing me, and fulfilling me, it is so easy for my ego to forget, a day later, just how joyous I felt the day before! We need to remember that the ego -- and our life -- is in constant flux, and that the ego can never be completely, permanently satisfied, because there will always be ups and downs and the ego gets lost in the moment. That is why we need to regularly extend our awareness beyond our egos to the larger picture: the vastness of our Essential selves and how perfectly our life is laid out for our growth and evolution.

3. Special moments. In my holiday visit to Florida, I was reminded, in the best way possible, of just how much Spirit permeates life. I was taking a walk with my sister and mom, and we came to a tower platform overlooking the mangrove forest we were walking in. My sister and I climbed to the top of the platform, and were able to see a 360 degree vista of riverways, forest, cities off in the distance, and the bays and ocean. The breeze was gentle, warm, and sweetly scented by the greenery around us, and we both could feel our Souls open to the glory of the moment. So deep was the communion and the effect of such natural beauty that we felt uplifted afterwards for a long time.
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