Hype and Astrology Software
by Hank Friedman

I just read an interesting article on hype at Psychotactics.com:


and it struck a nerve because of all of the hype around astrology software.

To put it simply, every astrology software company thinks (and often says) that they have created

the best
the easiest to use
the most powerful
the most complete
the most advanced
astrology program in the world

Of course, that's impossible, but I'd like to explore this issue with you, my readers.

Why I hate hype

Why is hype such an issue for me?

Because first and foremost I'm a practicing astrologer, and as one of the foremost experts on astrology software, I want all of my fellow astrologers to have the best and most accurate tools for our precious work, and not to be deceived by exaggerated claims.

Note: I do have compassion for those running astrology software companies because the market is pretty small for the amount of work it takes to produce a good program, and their creations really serve the astrological community.

But I don't like hyperbolic statements about their programs, nor misinformation.

Unfortunately, hype works. People believe these inflated claims, and programs that are actually outdated and deficient in many regards are erroneously perceived as the most advanced.

Tunnel Vision

How can companies claim their programs are the best when they are clearly not?

For one, most companies owners avoid looking at other companies'