Come from your Fount

You are not what you think you are.
You are not what you do.

You are not any of the roles that you take.

You have one task: to find the fount of your beingness
to come from that fount at all times

You have all had visions and glimpses of being united with
God, but they have not stabilized. They will not stabilize
until nothing is as important to you as God.

Your external life is very hypnotic, and you lose yourself
in activity, friends, ideas. The only way to stability is to
pull back from life and be in yourself.

This is the easiest path and the hardest path.

Easiest because there is only one thing to do.
Hardest because you are surrounded by distractions.

Your life on Earth is not meaningful in the way you make it.
Don't trivialize or disrespect life, just don't overvalue it.

Come from your fount.