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February 2008

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Astrology Interpretive Software

Over the past three decades that I have been working with astrology software, I have examined hundreds of programs that interpret charts, predictive cycles, etc.

As a result, I have come to understand the benefits and liabilities of using report writers (as they are called) and have written an extensive article on the subject for this website.

You can read the article by clicking here.

Tips and Tricks: How to create your own Chart Art in Solar Fire Gold

I just designed over 70 new Chart Art pages for Solar Fire Gold. I donated a dozen to the company to share with everyone, and the other 60+ I'm giving to all of my customers for free.

In the process, I found out how to easily create Chart Art pages and wanted to share the method with my readers.

To read my article: How to Create New Chart Art Pages in Solar Fire, click here.

[Note: in order to get the graphics properly placed, this article is in the PDF format. Clicking on the link may open Adobe Reader to view it, if so, this is an appropriate action.]

Solar Fire Gold Bonus Chart Art Pages

As I mentioned above, I spent a couple of weeks photographing beautiful scenes and objects, edit graphics in my photo editing software, and using an installation program to prepare a set of over 60 beautiful Chart Art pages as a free gift to my Solar Fire Gold customers.

You can learn more about these bonus pages, and see samples, by clicking here.

[Note: if you purchased Solar Fire Gold elsewhere, you can still get the free Chart Art pages. Just purchase another program (discount priced at $180 or more) through my website -- click here for the secure order form -- and I'll email you the password to unlock the Chart Art file.]

The Optimal Use of Astrology Software -- revised

I have revised my seminal article, The Optimal Use of Astrology Software.

To read the revised version, click here.

Honor Astrology Software Creators

I have recently discovered that the authors of astrology software are working incredibly long hours for very little income.

For the majority of them, software writing is a labor of love with meager financial compensation.

So please, don't share software that you purchase with others, and buy the programs you need.

We need to respect and honor those who have devoted their lives to giving us such wonderful astrological tools.

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