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February 2000

Upgrades in the Works

Shri Muhurta, from Geovision Software, is now available in an upgraded version, priced at $250. I'm told that the new version is much more accurate in finding the best date(s) for the beginning of activities.

Copy Protection, Bugs, and other Issues

As I continue to learn Vedic astrology, I become even more aware of the reasons why one should never rely on Vedic astrology software for interpretations.

As I've mentioned elsewhere, Vedic software quotes classical texts that are very extreme in their delineations ("your mother will die young", "you will die by age 32", "this period will be extremely painful") that are taken completely out of context and are completely inaccurate -- wrong -- as a result.

It takes a very well versed Vedic astrologer to be right even the majority of the time, and the astrologer is weighing every factor in the chart in relationship to every other factor in the chart systematically. No Vedic astrology program does any systematic organizing, synthesizing, or prioritizing at all. In a word, their interpretations are worthless.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous people actually sell the printouts to novices, who end up becoming terrified by the gloom and doom delineations and/or misled into fatuously thinking they will become rich and famous, by the favorable delineations.

The only value to Vedic interpretations is for the serious student of Vedic astrology, who can take each interpretation and its source, and examine all of the factors that support or weaken it, thereby determining whether there is any likelihood that anything will actually manifest.

Important Notes

Some really great software will be released soon. Keep watching this column for updates.

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