Recent Insights: February 2000

Updated: Saturday, February 05, 2000

1. Humility. I'm taking Hart de Fouw's Foundation Course in Vedic Astrology, and it is a humbling experience. I'm watching a being who is a wonderful teacher helping his students along with patience and kindness. He is so much more careful than I have been to truly dialogue with his students, and make sure that none get left behind.

In the past, when I have taught, I was so wrapped up in sharing as much material as possible that I often both spoke too quickly and buried my students with much more than they could assimilate. I am now learning, by watching Hart teach, what it means to truly teach people in a way that enables them to learn.

2. The Way to Teach Astrology, Part Two. In the same class, I and all of the other students are getting teachings at three levels at once: Context, Content, and Process. Hart is helping us to see and learn the spiritual underpinnings of Vedic astrology, and what it means to practice the art of astrology as a spiritually responsible being. He is also illustrating, using sample short delineations, what the process of synthesizing elements looks like, as he consummately penetrates to the core of meaning for each person.

3. Healing. I'm now in a relationship with a very kind woman, and, given the pain of my previous marriage, I'm finding her almost "too good to be true." I'm gradually learning that it's safe to open my heart again, and to trust in a mate again.

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