Channeling by Ezekiel on 12/27/2001

Ezekiel says that the earth plane is a place of great turbulence. Its external storms are a reflection in some ways of the internal storms and the energetic and vibrational storms that encircle the earth. He says that is why war is so prevalent on your planet—that there has not been a day in recorded history when there has not been war on your planet. He says that is why people have chosen to meditate, that is why people have chosen to work on inner awareness. It is inner awareness and meditation that allows you to become aware of the waves that buffet you.

When one is not aware of the waves that buffet them, one acts them out. He is talking about external waves, not internal ones. They become internal but their source is outside of the body. The source is part and parcel of the earth plane itself. They are electrical in nature, not simply wind or rain. There are actual electrical storms that your scientists have ignored for years, although the mystics have known about them. Therefore, it is through awareness practice—whether it is Tai Chi, whether it is mediation—that one becomes aware of turbulent weather and, to extend the metaphor, therefore drives their car more carefully because the road is slippery and the visibility is poor.

That will not change for incarnate beings. The weather will always be changeable. But the individual who sails through life is one who pays attention which way the wind is blowing, who tacks their sails—is that how you say it?—when the wind is coming from one direction, and so on. That is why the need for inner awareness is so great.

It is important to understand that is unreasonable for you to expect yourself to sail through life on an even keel if in fact the waters themselves are turbulent. You can take on too much to yourself as the cause of cruelty, meanness or karma. It is the karma of the earth, not just of you. There are regional differences in stormy weather; some places are habitually stormy and have much more war.

Think about this: if humans have lived generation after generation in weather that is sometimes clear and weather that is sometimes stormy for their particular locale, then the child, for example, the infant is exposed to stormy weather primarily in the guise of being with others who are acting it out. The child, the baby, as still connected to the body of God has not differentiated from the weather enough to react to the storms. The baby squalls when it's squalling; it doesn't even think to keep it in until someone yells at them fiercely and says, "Shut up!" At which point a split occurs in the baby's psyche and suddenly the baby becomes precipitated out of the whole and becomes battered by the weather both externally and internally. Therefore, by the time infancy is over most babies have precipitated out.

It would take an exceptional set of parents—and there have been societies that have been that way, like the societies that have had the baby be in the dark for a month before even emerging into the light. There have been societies that knew they were bringing the soul onto a stormy planet and that, therefore, the entry must be very carefully guarded. They didn't just keep the baby in the dark for a month; they also kept the baby and the mother in sacred space so that the baby experienced no acting out of storms, even if storms were existent.

Your society is far removed from this, very, very far removed. It even creates storms where there are none. That is the other consequence of storms. Do you know how, by way of analogy, after a particularly harsh winter people don't immediately respond to a thaw? They keep looking over their shoulders to see if the winter is going to stay harsh. The same is true after an electric storm. Human beings may still be reactive. They may fight long after the storm is over. After all, for example, if during a storm, one culture, one city declares war on another city, or one country on another country, when the storm is over the war is already in motion. It doesn't stop because the storm stops.

We're talking about the momentum that carries the storm's energy and perpetuates it. That is why mediation or inner awareness is so powerful. The person internally aware becomes aware of the storms surging through them, whether they are aware of them as coming from the outside or whether they are just aware they are processing intense stuff, they are still aware of it. So they then are not at the effect of the storm, nor do they perpetuate it. Therefore, when the storm, electrical energy or buffeting, or whatever you wish to call it, is over for them it's truly over. While the people around them may be trying to repair from fights or perpetuating fights or in fear of the next storm, they are not.

That is one of the saddest things about the earth plane: that there aren't as many storms as people think, but the mishandling of the energy carries them on far beyond the buffeting. That is why building in resiliency to the extent you can is so useful, as well as inner awareness. Those are the two hands, you might say: inner awareness, which we would put for left hand, and resiliency, which we would put for right.

When looking at the ocean, one can focus on the turbulence of the waves or can focus on the deep peace at the depths of the ocean. When looking at someone who is troubled and tormented and buffeted by life, one can focus on how the person is like a cork in a storm at sea, or one can recognize that deep, deep, deep within the person's soul is a still and peaceful place. If you see humanity as an ocean, with humanity identified at times with the buffeting on the surface, the crashing of waves, the drownings, but know that deep down there is a very different level of unity, a very different level of soulness and wholeness, this will be very important for you to be able to live on earth with joy and not sorrow.

The earth is a place of tremendous beauty and those who have learned not be caught up in the storms and perpetuate them do find heaven on earth, and find much on earth to be rejoicing about. One of the reasons why it is so much easier to be rejoicing in nature is because even if it is stormy in a natural setting, it is not taken personally. So, nature itself teaches how to weather storms.

Nature reminds humans there are storms; without nature people might forget it. If someone lived in a literally climate-controlled environment where there was no rain and there was no scorching sun and storm, they would never have a clue about the reason for fights between people, they would never have a clue as to what storms are going on. They would be so divorced from the actual external flow they wouldn't be able to sort out their lives. You see that in some people who are too separate, who live in highrises all the time.

We would also remind you that the storms are transformational if taken that way. The storms are not necessarily bad even though humans have done a lot of bad things when prey to them. In fact, the storms can purify the soul, can cleanse the soul, enable the soul to be clearer and clearer and clearer if properly embraced and understood. It reminds humans not to try to live forever: one may become exquisitely skillful at living in a stormy place, though one seldom wants to live there forever.

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