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December 2007

Solar Fire Gold

Esoteric Technologies is about to release Solar Fire Gold in January 2007. Read about its new features by clicking here.

Also learn in the article how to get a copy for free when you purchase Solar Fire Deluxe before January 7, 2008.

Janus 4.0

Astrology House has just released Janus 4.0. This new version adds many new and enhanced features, including a very powerful astromapping module.

Read about it and the introductory offer during December 2007 by clicking here.

Downloading Software

One way to receive astrology software is to download it directly from the internet. More companies are allowing downloads, which has the following advantages:

1. You receive the software immediately. No delays due to the mail.

2. No shipping fees or duty fees (which is especially important if you live in a country like Canada which charges duties).

3. Programs actually get to you. A certain percentage of programs get lost in the mail or are misdelivered, especially outside of the United States. Getting software via download eliminates this issue.

Note: You can (and should) make a copy or two of the downloaded software onto cds, so that you can reinstall the software if your computer crashes. And if the software comes with an unlock code, be sure to write the code onto the cd, too.

For quite a while, Matrix Software has made many of their programs available via download. Owners of Kepler, from Cosmic Patterns, can purchase any interpretive report add-ons and receive them as email attachments.

Now both Janus 4 and the Vedic software Käla are available via download, too. After ordering them, the company emails customers an unlock code to change programs to fully registered versions.

Any software purchased via my website can be provided to you via download, and in fact that is the standard way that Janus 4 is supplied.

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