A Powerful Clearing Process

As human beings with sensitivities and needs, we find ourselves in situations where another person's behavior has hurt or angered us and we cannot talk to them directly. Whatever the reason is that we can't talk to them (they might over-react, are no longer incarnate, are far away, or dangerous to us, etc.), we still feel the need to clear with them.

During my training as a Fisher-Hoffman advisor, I received the following process and have found it to be very valuable and effective:

Step One: Prepare Your Environment

Choose a time and place where you can do this process undisturbed (by calls, people, etc.) for as long as you will need to complete the work.

Sit in a comfortable chair, and visualize the room you are in being surrounded -- floor, walls, and ceiling -- by a shield of white or pastel light, invoking the shielding by saying, "I ask that this room be protected, and that nothing I release during this process leave this room."

(If you wish to ask God, or the Universe, or your Guru for help with setting up the shielding, feel free to.)

Then close your eyes, and imagine yourself sitting in a room (in your inner space) and shield it in the same way.

Step Two: Inviting the other person's Spirit in and doing the Clearing

Imagine that there is a chair facing you, and ask the Spirit (Higher Self) of the person whom you wish to clear with to enter the room and sit in the chair. See them do this, and then begin talking to them.

The actual clearing consists of telling the person everything you ever wanted to say to them. You can scream at them, cry, speak from bitterness or need, ask for -- and receive -- apologies, and repeat yourself as many times as you need to.

(Note: since you are doing the clearing inside of yourself, all of your talking and even yelling is done within yourself and could not be heard by someone nearby.)

(You are not allowed to imagine yourself killing the other person's spirit.)

When you feel complete, look deeply within and see if there is anything more you need to say, and do so.

When you're done, ask the other person's Spirit to share what you've cleared with the person if and when it is appropriate.

Step Three: Dissolving and healing the energy released.

Then visualize angels coming into the room and sending healing light into the whole room, and into both your body and the other person's body, cleansing and dissolving all that has been released.

Then thank the other person's Spirit and send it on its way.

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