Getting help with your astrology software issues

by Hank Friedman

If you have a problem with installing your astrology program, or bugs or errors arise while running it, you will need to contact the company that sells it.

But in order for them to help you to resolve your issues, they will need to know how to replicate your problem, so before contacting them, write down in fine detail what steps you took (e.g. what you typed in, etc.) and what appears at each step on the computer screen.

If you are having problems with an Astrolabe program (Solar Fire, Nova Chartwheels, etc.), go to this page on their website to begin looking for solutions:

If you can't find solutions on the Astrolabe page, call them at (508) 896-5081 (from 10 to 4 Eastern time).

To address issues with Cosmic Patterns programs, Kepler and Sirius, call tech support at 352-373-1504 (from 9 to 5 Eastern time).

For TimePassages technical support, call (831) 425-6548 (from 9 to 5 Pacific time).

To contact the author of Shri Jyoti Star, Andrew Foss, call 434-973-2779 (from 9 to 5 Eastern time).

To get support for Janus, write to the authors: Hamish Sanders & Mark Griffin at

You can reach Juan Pedro Saba, the author of Regulus Platinum, for help by emailing him by clicking here.

For help with AstrolDeluxe, call John Halloran at 818-901-1221.

Mac owners using the IO software can get help by calling 860-444-6641 (from 9 to 5 Eastern time).

For Matrix Software support, call (231) 796-4183 (from 8 to 5 Eastern time).

If you own any of the programs written by Alphee Lavoie, call 860-232-6521 (from 9 to 5 Eastern time).

Ernst Wilhelm will provide support for Käla at 760-420-5648.

For help with the ACS Electronic Astrologer programs, call 603 734 4300.

Parashara's Light owners can get help by calling (641)-472-0855.

And finally, for help with Intrepid, contact Jeff Close at 978-448-2305.

Because I have had decades of experience with these companies and their programs, I can advise you which companies are likely to respond, and which ones won't.

I also provide support to my customers on how to use your program's features, so please click here if you need to email me for help with using your software.

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