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Note: In July 2002, I completed my in-depth article for the Encyclopedia of Heavenly Influences:
Understanding Astrology Software which you might want to read now.

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In 1978, I got my first microcomputer and astrology software, and began my journey into the evolving world of programs for astrology. Since then, I have received and reviewed literally hundreds of programs, and have come to know the strengths and weaknesses of each product.

As I said in my article on How to Buy a Computer and Software for Astrology on this website, there are three main types of astrology programs: Calculation Software, Interpretation/Report Writing Programs, and Research Software.

Calculation Programs perform a wide variety of astrological computations , e.g. birth charts, chart comparisons, prediction methods, etc. and print out a variety of chart wheels, tables, and possibly maps and/or graphs. Interpretation/Report Writers create printed (and sometimes viewable on screen) reports that delineate birth charts, or transits, or compatibility, or vocation, or other astrological topics.

Research programs come in two varieties: the major chart calculation programs, which have research features built-in; and dedicated research programs, which often include chart databases (i.e. files) containing hundreds or thousands of famous people's birth data, as well as several methods of researching charts.

By ordering your astrology software through me, you can let me know (via email or telephone) exactly what your needs are (features, budget, etc.), and I help you find the program that is optimal for you. Know that I have over 20 years of experience, have thoroughly tested and written reviews on each program, and that because I receive the latest programs well in advance of when they're published, I know what will become available in the future .

I have worked for decades with all of the major firms to improve their software design, eliminate bugs, provide better documentation, and lower prices. I am completely dedicated to supporting astrologers in their quest for great software.

The Best Software

1. Calculation Programs:

The top-of-the-line programs for astrological calculations for Western Astrology are Solar Fire, Kepler, Win*Star, and Janus for Windows. The IO Edition is the best for the Macintosh. For Vedic (Hindu) Astrology, the most powerful programs are Parashara's Light, Shri Jyoti Star, Kala, and Goravani's Jyotish.

Excellent lower-priced calculation programs for Western Astrology include AstrolDeluxe and TimePassages. A fine low-priced Vedic Astrology program is Haydn's Jyotish.

2. Interpretation Programs:

The best interpretation programs for Western Astrology are Cosmic Patterns report software, TimePassages, the Electronic Astrologer series, and the individual report writers available for WinWriter, Solar Writer, and -- for the Macintosh -- IO.

All of the best Vedic calculation programs offer interpretations, but because Vedic delineation requires taking many factors into account simultaneously -- which none of the programs do -- and the interpretions are also frequently extremely negative, the output should never be distributed to clients or the general public.

3. Research Software:

Win*Star. Kepler, and AstrolDeluxe all have excellent research capabilities built-in.

JigSaw II has excellent search capabilities, automatic chart rectification, and group analysis.

However, the most accurate collection of birth data, and the most powerful research program on the market, is the AstroDatabank program. This excellent software offers over 13,000 accurately timed charts, biographical information, and incredibly Western and Vedic research functions.

Important Note:

Please go to my My Astrology Software Reviews for over 50 programs to learn more about each specific program.

How to Order Software

The easiest way to order the software is to email me the following information (for security reasons, send half of your credit card information in a second email).

1. What you are ordering
2. Your name, address, telephone number
3. credit card number and expiration date
4. whether you are running Win 95 or 98 (for PCs) or what version of the Mac System
note: your computer system must have a CD reader in it

Or, you can send me a check or money order to:

Hank Friedman
7622 Leviston Avenue,
El Cerrito, CA 94530

Thank you very much for working with me

Hank Friedman

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