Recent Insights: August 1999

Updated: Sunday, August 22, 1999

1. Blessings. I had a very special gift this week, I got to channel for my mom and sister Diane. For years, I have been told countless times, by clients, how powerful and meaningful their sessions with me and my Guides are. However, this time, because I am so psychically linked to (and emotionally connected to) my mother and sister, I could feel the impact of the session on them more deeply than I ever have before.

The session not only brought tears to my sister's eyes, and helped lay to rest some longstanding issues in both of their hearts, but is was a gift to me -- perhaps the best way I could ever serve them, and a real affirmation of my work.

I give thanks.

2. Service. The teachings of service continue to grow. The more deeply I wish to serve others, the more deeply all of my sessions grow. And the more fulfilling my work is, for me. I am no longer content, for example, to simply guide someone well, in an astrological predictive session, toward the coming year's lessons and potentialities. I want to help them to deal with even deeper issues, to transform themselves and their lives profoundly.

The thirst to serve has become the magnetic North of my life, and when I am truly oriented towards this "pole", my heart and my mind open wider and wider.

3. Disasters. Last month, I mentioned how my cat had died and my car stereo taken. As I look back at these events, I feel grateful that I was able to move through them as gracefully as I have, and that there is a purpose to everything. My cat's time had come, and I know his spirit is more peaceful now.

And my car stereo, I realize in retrospect, was beginning to show the wear and tear of removing its detachable face too often. The new one "keeps its face on", and I'm enjoying music more -- as a result -- and its better sound. The Universe just decided it was time for an upgrade.

4. Order. Because of the visit of my mother and sister, I made a major effort to process piles and clean up the house. While I can live with piles, whenever I clean them up, I feel so much happier.

It is so easy to let things slide and pile up, and be somewhat unaware of how "dragging" on the spirit the disorder is. May I become better at maintaining order.

5. I just finished reading "I know this much is true" by Wally Lamb, which is an intense novel about angry, cruel men and their impact on their children and wives, and their redemption. Books like this are very awakening, in that they help show the process by which one faces ones shadow and moves on.

Learning to let go of the stuck places within us, caused by our reactions to the ways in which we have been mistreated, is an amazing and incredibly important journey, which the book captures well. I recommend it.

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