Lectures and Articles on Astrology

by Hank Friedman & others

After testing astrology extensively in an attempt to disprove it (in 1974 and 1975), I found myself falling in love with its wisdom, poetry, and magic. Twenty four years later, I've become renowned as an astrologer, have studied both Western and Eastern methods on interpretation, and trained two groups of apprentices for a year each. I am presently giving chart readings both locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, and around the World via telephone consultations. I'm also preparing material for a series of books.

How to Approach a Chart: Part One: An astrological lecture by Hank Friedman

How to Approach a Chart: Part Two: An astrological lecture by Hank Friedman

The Regions of the Chart: An astrological channelling by Hank's Guide Aderan

A Lecture by James Kelleher On Nakshatras

A new article by Hank The Ruler of the Sun

Shocks and Personal Transformation    Astro-Metaphysics

An Astrological Channeling on the Midheaven     Understanding the Midheaven

The Signs, Planets, and Houses:    The Signs of the Zodiac

Teachings in Western & Vedic Astrology    Updated Bi-Monthly     Stellar Insights

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