Recent Insights: April 1999

Updated: Sunday, April 18, 1999

1. Last Night's Dream

Dream: I was living a small life in a small room in Sweden, when a friend showed up and handed me a round trip plane ticket to visit California. I was flooded with feelings of longing, gratitude, and the bittersweet memory of how long it had been since I was there.

I immediately woke up, and knew that the dream was showing me one of the reasons that I incarnated this time. That I yearned for and missed life on Earth, and chose to be born into a body again.

I have often thought of how attached we get here on Earth, to people, things, life itself, as if this is all there is. And my dream reminded me that this kind of yearning keeps us from Heaven, from leaving physical incarnation behind.

And, as the dervish said to Attar, the more attached we are to life, the more difficult our leaving.

2. A Balanced Life

Some of my clients consider me "the poster boy" for a balanced life, but I remain amazed at how easily we all fall out of a balance in our weekly activities. It's all too easy to work too much, or do too much of any one activitity (like computing!), and to forget how rich our lives become when we have enough outings, exercise, time to study and learn, and just down time.

I like the metaphor of the garden the best. That each of our lives is like a garden, and the areas we don't pay attention to get weedy or wilted. We need to water every area of our lives regularly, as well as take time to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

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