Recent Insights: April 1999

Updated: Wednesday, April 12, 2000

1. Unsung Heroes. I have been blessed with many wonderful friends. Recently, I really took stock of just how lucky I am to have them in my life. One of them, for example, has stood by me through all kinds of experiences, and stayed present, kind, generous, and always willing to help in anyway he could, without ever drawing any attention at all to what he was giving. It actually humbles me that my friends have been and are so incredibly there for me.

2. Opti-Mystic. By Guide Aderan recently referred to me as an optimystic. He meant that I would always look for the Divine purpose or learning in any experience, and have remained grateful throughout even the most difficult of my life experiences. Throughout my adult life, I have always been able to see the Wisdom of each event, sooner or later.

3. Being Wrong. Years ago, I couldn't dare to be wrong or say, "I don't know". Now I realize what an incredible liberation and gift it is to be able to freely own my mistakes, my weaknesses, and my errors. Instead of making me feel worse or defensive to be faced with my shadows, it actually enriches me to do so.

4. Losing it. Under stress we all regress -- is a poem I made up years ago. Recently, I was under great stress and "lost it" and became blaming and self-blind for a few days. I realize that I (and we all) need to learn how to navigate even the roughest waters, and after capsizing learn from our failures so that we can weather stress better the next time.

5. Kindness. Whenever I treat someone with kindness and generosity, it is I who am even more blessed. I feel so grateful for the gifts that I am able to offer others, I give thanks.

6. Authenticity. There are qualities and behaviors in us that sometimes push another person's buttons. It is important to neither try to become someone you aren't in order to please another, nor to justify your behavior or position if what you really need to do is work on modifying your behavior. It's not always easy to know whether what you are doing is truly harmless and authentic or instead conditioned and inappropriate, but the process of self-examination helps to clarify whether to maintain your pattern or work to change.

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