Aiming Towards

by Aderan, as Channeled through Hank Friedman
One of my Guide Aderan's most useful teaching is the principle of Aiming Towards. It is both simple, and incredibly wide-ranging in its application. Basically, his words were, "Always aim towards, and not away from."

By "not away from" he means that we should not focus on what the problem is, what we don't want in our lives, what we dislike in the other person's behavior, because in doing so, we will often make things worse. The itch that you scratch ends up itching more than the one you don't. If we scream at a person for their behavior, or just endlessly criticise them about it, we often end up alienating or injuring them, but don't change them. If we obsess about a problem at work or home, we simply increase our inner tension, get depressed or anxious, and mentally run around in circles.

As we learn from Aikido, energy follows attention. If we focus on problems, we energize them and often get more problems. If we keep thinking, "I don't have enough ... [money, time, love]" we actually broadcast to the Universe to keep it this way, and it does. I can't tell you the number of times that I got annoyed with a noise in the neighborhood, and then (because of my annoyance) the noise got worse. But the minute I really surrendered, let go of my reactions, self-righteousness, and anger, the noise would completely stop.

In order to achieve our true goal, which is to be grateful for our existence, and to express our inner Light, we need to redirect our attention towards solutions, towards what we want, towards realizing the positive outcome.

These are not new ideas. Whether it's called "win-win" or "blending with the opposing energy" or simply "Right Attitude", nevertheless we on Earth need reminders. I once read a great essay entitled, "Finding and Losing and Finding the Way." And until we have become completely enlightened, I think we will get distracted and side-tracked by old attitudes and patterns, and need the wakeup call of repeated exposures to wisdom.

To ask ourselves, in a kind and compassionate way, "Am I aiming towards here, in my attitude or communication with myself or the other. If not, what would be a more aim towards approach. What do I want, not not want. And may I open to realizing that I can change my life, my relationships, and my daily attitude."

May this be so.
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