The Acceptance Process

Many years ago, a client came to me who was about to lose everything, specifically her home & the down payment on a new home she had found. She had had her house on the market for over a year, had reduced its price to what was only fair, and still found no takers. In the meantime, she'd found her perfect home, borrowed to cover the down payment, and if she didn't sell her house in the next two days, she would lose both.

I first reminded her that she had faced crises before in her past, and had weathered them successfully. I then asked my Guide, Aderan, if he could give us a process to help her navigate these waters.

Here is the process he shared:

(Note: Do the acceptance process on one major theme at a time. For example, never finding a mate, or running out of money, or getting sick and dying. In order to do this process effectively, you'll need to secure your environment, e.g. turn off the telephone, and make sure you'll be undisturbed for several hours. Sit in a very comfortable position, with your eyes closed, or lie down with your eyes closed, if you're sure you can do so and still stay awake.)

Step One:

Imagine your future unfolding, from now until the day you die, in the way that you're afraid that it will. (in my client's case that meant seeing her lose her home and money, and the shame, struggle, anguish, bitterness, etc. that would result.)

At each step of your inner imagining (which should be realistic, not unduly melodramatic), when an emotion comes up, stop the visualization, and let the emotion surge through you, of its own accord, until it has completely dissipated. Only then should you continue the visualization.

Stop and feel each time a negative emotion comes up, until you finally see yourself lying on your deathbed, and feel through all of the emotions that surface having lived a life that you didn't want to.

Then re-view the visualization again, stopping anywhere an emotional reaction still remains, feeling it through until it's completely gone. Only after you can re-view the sequence without any emotional response should you proceed to step Two.

Step Two:

Picture yourself sitting on the highest mountain in the inner universe completely surrounded by the presence of God. And say the following: "God, if what I just visualized, if that be my destiny, I accept it." And spend a few minutes completely surrendering and turning your life over to God.

(Note: if you find that you cannot say that statement with sincerity you haven't completed Step One. Go back and re-view again.)

Step Three:

You're still sitting on the highest mountain in the inner universe, surrounded by the presence of God, and you say: "God, if what I just visualized, if that is not my future, please help me to find my future." And again sit with this prayer for a few minutes, in complete surrender.

(Note: My Guide was very insistent that you do not change the words of what you ask for in Step Three.)

My client took the following day off from work so that she could do the process thoroughly, and afterwars she felt amazingly at peace. The following morning, just when she was about to go to work, she got a telephone call from a woman, who was just in her neighborhood, who came over, looked at the house, and bought it on the spot. She didn't end up losing anything!

But never do this process for external, concrete results. Do it to cleanse yourself and to release your fear and attachments. If an external change follows, give thanks.

Hank Friedman
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